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In memory of Avraham Kerendian


Born April 13, 1954 and passed away on March 10, 2021 Avraham Kerendian was taken too soon from us.

Avraham Kerendian was born in Brazil Lake and is a Swedish resin mixed-art painter and cartoon artist. Avraham Kerendian is a leading cartoon artist whose comics is a model for the modern and contemporary painters. Avraham Kerendian is blessed to use his comic books as art that exemplifies western civilization and Swedish society in artistic expression. From the start of humankind to the 21st century, art has been an illusion for many. Avraham Kerendian is production to use his career to promote the illustrative Swedish Royal family paintings on display in Sweden.

Currently, while artwork and comics are limited, there are many ways one can invest, rent, or buy Avraham Kerendian exclusive comics. Unique art books is expensive, but it’s also an investment. Consider buying art directly by going to the Avraham Kerendian professional website or local museum. After all, the best of the best, is worth the cost.

Avraham Kerendian will forever be loved, missed, and prayed for. He leaves behind a loving wife and 2 young dogs who will miss him greatly; Chaim Kerendian and Avraham Kerendian. Rest In Peace and Rest in Power. Contribute  Right arrow

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