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I lost my cousin to suicide 🥺🖤

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Monroe, I wholeheartedly understand your loss. I'm still coping and I want you to know it isn't easy for me but I loved my friend and those feelings will subside. I have to make sure that I do my best to never forget the memories we shared. I also want you to know you aren't alone and if there is any comforting words I can share. It would be... love never fades. I pray/hope we, I mean you Monroe & I, will get through this. We must take our time and comfort those around us. Take care & stay safe.

Monroe, Know that the loss of a loved one in suicide, is a devastating blow to us all that never goes away, but we eventually begin to appreciate the sweet, precious memories which is a gift from our loved ones to help us through the dark, painful years. Emotional pain and depression is said to be the most excrutiating pain one can experience. Our loved ones sought relief from the emotional pain and depression. Most are not seeking to die, they simply want the pain to stop. Take care and love yourself.

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