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i lost my dad in 2009, lost my aunt Abby whom was like a mom figure to me,I've lost my uncle when dad passed hes all i had as a father figure than the woman who helped raise me since newborn my nanny passed right after my bubby my uncle 2015 or 2016. then last year October 22nd i lost my mom that raised me since before i was a year old. losing her my mom my dad my nanny and bubby and aunt was the hardest thing in my life. i lost my step dad this year and i just lost my baby sister at the age of 30 i'm having a very hard time dealing with this one she was my baby i helped raise her she was my best friend we talked everyday her and i looked a lot i have that left and i have her ashes her with me and i have dads too... the hurt and heartache will never go away and no it does not get any easier either i don't care what anyone says my dads been gone 11 years and its still very hard on me and my baby sister for some reason it hurts worse than mom dad my nanny and the rest of my loved ones I've lost that helped raise me. my birth mom hasn't been there for me really thru out my childhood or adulthood life. and now the only brother i have and only sister i have left are treating me like i'm a pos like i don't exist im not their sister not blood to hear them say it...sorry about their luck i am and will always be their big sister no matter what... i haven't done anything for them to treat me this way i need them in my life and they need me in theirs i thought us losing our dad mom and our little sister would bring us closer no it broke us apart and i don't understand why its breaking my heart even worse because they way they are treating me for no reason... my hearts already in pieces and i cant take it much longer

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I completely relate to you as I lost my ex husband and father of my children in 2012, my father who raised me and was my hero in 2018, my Grammie on December 24, 2019 and my only sister and only sibling most recently in July, and numerous others. These are just the ones that affected me the most. My extended family on my fathers side no longer speaks to me and hasn't since he died, and my birth mother who didn't raise me or had no part in my life as a child and little as an adult no longer speaks to me either not since the morning she called to tell me my sister died. Just know that you are not alone in the way you feel....I know it seems like no one else in the world could feel the immense grief and sorrow I do, and reading your post made me realize I am not alone, and neither are you.

Thank you so much and I'm so sorry baby I feel ur pain and your not alone and neither am I...

If u ever need to talk or anything u can message me on Facebook.. jessica Renee neal conley

I have also lost so many 2003 I lost my husband to cancer we had 5 children first mom then dad both my sisters in 2015 my older brother in Dec 2019 and my last sibling in 2020. Along with cousins aunts and uncles. Its not been easy I suffer from anxiety and do take m.j eds for it otherwise I go nuts in my head. I feel distraught inside. I'm thankful for my 2 daughters and many grandchildren and now 3 great grandchildren. I try hard to seebthe joy in life. I will never be the same but I know my family would want me to move on. I still take it a day at a time. I am a Christian if I were not I dont know how I would have made it. When i cant walk he carries me. God Bless you all I know what your going through and I know it hurts. No one should ever tell someone to move on we all grieve different we are allowed to do it the way we see fit. Death changes people I dont know why if family is not treating you right pray for them. If you have done nothing then you do not have to worry. Let them be hopefully one will have enough sense to contact you and make it right

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