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I lost my mom on April 6, 2021. She would have turned 60 on June 24th. I'm 30, but I do not feel like I am 30. I miss her so much. I have no family really. She was the only one I had to talk to or anything. I feel completely lost here. I have no clue what to to anything.

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I can understand I lost my mom September 26 she would have been 60 this past New Year’s Day. I just turned 39 a couple of weeks ago and it was my first birthday in my life not hearing my mom sing to me (she could never sing) there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t look at my phone and have to stop myself from calling her or seeing something that makes me want to call and tell her about it. I don’t think anyone ever gets fully over losing a parent at a young age. You always have that idea that you won’t have to go through something like this until they’re way up in age but sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that. But just try to keep your mind busy and your head up. I’m sure she would want you to keep pushing forward and keep her memory alive. May god bless you through all of this.

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