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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about purchasing cremation jewelry online.
What is cremation jewelry?
Cremation jewelry is jewelry designed to hold a small amount of a loved one's cremated ashes (or other symbolic material, such as dirt from a gravesite). Many people choose to wear cremation jewelry as a way to keep their loved one close to them at all times.
What types of cremation jewelry exist?
There are many types of cremation jewelry, including cremation necklaces, cremation bracelets and cremation rings. You may also see them called keepsake jewelry, with names like keepsake necklace and keepsake bracelet.
What are the advantages of purchasing cremation jewelry on Ever Loved?
When you purchase cremation jewelry on Ever Loved, you'll find a much wider selection than any individual funeral home or store can offer. You'll also find that prices are generally better when purchasing online, due to greater competition.
My loved one was buried. Can I still use cremation jewelry?
Yes. While cremation jewelry was originally created to hold cremated ashes, many people use it to hold other objects that help to remind them of a loved one. This could include dirt from a gravesite, a lock of their loved one's hair, or a dried petal from their funeral flowers.
Does cremation jewelry make a good gift?
Cremation jewelry can be a great gift for friends and family members who would like something to remember a loved one by. Because each piece of cremation jewelry only needs a very small amount of ashes, it's generally possible to give pieces of cremation jewelry to as many people as you'd wish.