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How to Raise Money for Charity in Someone's Memory

Raising money for charity is one of the ways many families choose to honor and strengthen their loved one's legacy after they've passed away. While it's a popular way to honor someone's memory, knowing the best way to go about raising money for charity can be confusing -- especially if you've never done it before. Here's what to know when encouraging others to donate in memory of someone.

Why raise money for charity?

After losing someone, many families want to donate in their loved one's memory as a way of honoring them. In addition, charitable organizations often appreciate donations from those who have been impacted by the person or cause they support. Raising money for charity is also an excellent opportunity to unite your community and help many people at once -- everyone can donate what they're able to towards a common goal and can honor the individual's legacy at the same time. Donating to a charitable organization can also help friends, family members, and other community members feel that they're actively taking part in remembering the life of someone important to them. Many individuals want to know how to make a donation in memory of someone but may not know the best place to direct a donation. Setting up a memorial fundraiser is an excellent way to guide folks towards a common goal. Additionally, they're supporting a cause that was important to the individual and helps the greater community in some way.

Steps to start raising money for charity

If you've lost a family member and are ready to start raising money for a charity in their honor, here's some first steps to get you started.

  1. Select a charity or cause. Selecting a charity or cause is an important part, since you'll likely want to select a cause that your loved one supported or was involved in in some way. If you can't decide on just one cause, Ever Loved memorial fundraisers support up to three charitable organizations.
  2. Set up a memorial fundraiser. Start a memorial fundraiser on Ever Loved in order to start accepting donations from your friends, family, and community. Setting up a fundraiser is as easy as choosing your charity of choice from a dropdown menu and sharing the page with those in your network.
  3. Share the page with as many people as possible. Sharing the page with your friends, family, and community is an incredibly important part of the fundraising process. Ask those you share it with to share the page with their own communities as well. In addition, it's a good idea to reach out to any local community or religious organizations you're a part of to ask that they share the page with their own contacts.
  4. Collect donations. Once the page is out there, you’ll start to receive donations from supportive friends, family, and other community members. Whenever someone makes a donation to your memorial fundraiser, you'll get an alert by email that lets you know a donation was made in memory of your loved one and will be able to thank them privately or all at once.
  5. Send out thank you notes. On Ever Loved, you have the option of sending out bulk thank you notes to every donor that made a donation towards your fundraiser. You also have the ability to send out thank you notes individually through private messages. It's considered good memorial donation etiquette to send out thank you notes after a successful fundraiser, so be sure to check out this complete guide on funeral thank you etiquette for further guidance.

How to word a request for donations

If you've never written a request for donations, this part may feel slightly awkward for some. What's the best way to go about asking people to make a donation towards your fundraiser? If you're looking for wording for memorial donations or ideas on how to ask those around you to donate, use these ideas as a jumping off point.

  • Describe the cause and its relevance.
  • If possible, identify how the charity will use the funds that are donated.
  • Let people know this is the primary way you and your family wish to honor the deceased.
  • Include some basic information about what kind of work the charity does.

Here's an example of memorial fund donation wording if you're looking for a template:

[Charity name] is an amazing charity that does incredibly important work -- it's also a charity that [First name] supported greatly. [Charity name] works with [describe work they do]. Donations being raised in [First name]'s name will be used towards [describe use]. Our family thanks you, sincerely, for helping support this important cause.

Memorial donation thank you letter example

If you're looking to thank those who donate to your fundraiser, you can use these thank you note templates as a guide. Here’s an example of what a memorial donation thank you note can look like:

[First name],

Thank you so much for your generous donation towards [cause name]. It has meant so much to our family that our community was able to support [charity name] as a way of honoring [first name]’s life. [He/she] was passionate about [charity name] and the work they do; we know [he/she] would’ve been so grateful to see everyone’s support. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

[Your family’s name]

[First name],

Our family wanted to take the time to let you know how grateful we are for your generous donation towards [Name]'s fundraiser. This organization is one that [Name] supported through [his/her/their] lifetime, and we are so blessed to have such a large community offer up their support in [his/her/their] memory.

[Your family’s name]

Other alternatives

If raising money for a charity doesn't stand out to you as the right option, here are some alternative memorial donation ideas to get you started. These are all ways that your community can donate in memory of someone and honor their legacy.

Start a fundraiser to cover funeral expenses.

You and your family may be struggling to cover funeral expenses -- needing financial assistance in covering these unexpected costs is an incredibly common experience among American families. If you need help to cover the costs of the funeral, starting a fundraiser to cover these expenses can be a great help to you and yours. Setting up a memorial fundraiser is easy and can help you start collecting donations today.

Start a college fund for any children.

If the person who passed away was a parent or grandparent, starting a fundraiser to cover college expenses is another excellent way to find support and alleviate financial burden on your family. If you need information on how to start a college fund, read this article. When you’re ready, you can start a memorial fund on Ever Loved in just a few minutes.

Partner with an organization to make a scholarship in their name.

Maybe your loved one was a part of a local community organization, club, or network of folks that could use financial support but aren’t a charitable organization. If this is the case, you can collect donations towards this organization just the same, by setting up a memorial fundraiser on Ever Loved. Let folks know the importance of this organization and once you’ve collected donations, you can make a lump sum donation in your loved one’s honor directly to the organization.

Have a bench or brick donated in their memory.

Installing a park bench or placing a brick in an important pathway is another way families honor the life of their loved one. Did the person who passed away enjoy a certain park? Was there a museum or spot they spent a lot of time at that accepts donations? Connect with one of these organizations and see if it’s possible to have a brick, monument, or bench installed somewhere on the premises in your loved one’s name. Once you’ve identified the spot, set up a fundraiser and start collecting donations!

No matter how you choose to honor your loved one and their legacy, setting up a memorial fundraiser on Ever Loved makes the process incredibly easy. Many families have raised thousands of dollars in their family member’s name by setting up a memorial fundraiser.

Start a memorial fundraiser

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Last updated July 25, 2022
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