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What are Grave Markers?

What’s the difference between a gravestone and a grave marker?

While both a gravestone and a grave marker share a similar purpose in showing who is buried in a specific spot, a headstone is raised above the ground, while a grave marker lays flat against the ground.

Why choose a grave marker?

While most people picture gravestones when they think of a cemetery, there are several reasons why some people prefer grave markers over gravestones.

  1. Grave markers honor the person who passed without drawing attention to the gravesite itself. Some people prefer this more subtle approach.
  2. Grave markers have less of an impact on the natural vista. In the case of a cemetery with a view, grave markers stand out less and allow visitors to enjoy an uninterrupted vista.
  3. Grave markers are generally more affordable than gravestones. Like many other surrounding a funeral, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

How much do grave markers cost?

Basic grave markers generally start at about $250, and most grave markers are less than $1,000 (although the price can go higher depending on material and intricacy). Meanwhile, prices for upright headstones generally start at about $1,000 and some can be as much as $10,000.

How do I purchase a grave marker?

Generally, your funeral home or cemetery will be able to show you various grave marker options and help you place an order. However, as with several other aspects of funerals, you can now access a much wider set of options (and usually lower prices) by shopping online.

How long do grave markers take to make?

Most grave markers will take at least a month from the time you order them to be delivered. However, with a high amount of customization, the process can take up to six months. In most cases grave markers will be delivered directly to the cemetery.

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February 2018
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