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How Much do Funeral Flowers Cost?

Buying flowers for a funeral can end up costing families more than they expect, especially when they're unsure the type of arrangement they should be sending or the types they’ll be using to decorate the funeral. However, the cost of funeral flowers can vary widely depending on the type and quantity of flowers, as well as the location and time of year. In this article, you'll learn the different factors that can affect the cost of funeral flowers and gain some guidance on how to choose a fitting floral tribute for your loved one without breaking the bank.

How much do funeral flowers cost?

The cost of funeral flowers can range from less than $50 to several hundred dollars or more, depending on various factors. If you're sending flowers to a funeral or are purchasing flowers to display at a funeral, exploring your options and understanding what determines pricing can be a great help. Some of the most common factors that can affect funeral flowers and their prices include:

  • Where you purchase from: Purchasing flowers online is generally more affordable than purchasing from a local shop as you're able to easily compare prices.
  • Type of flowers: Different types of flowers have different prices, depending on their availability, seasonality, and popularity. For example, roses, lilies, and carnations are commonly used in funeral arrangements and tend to be more affordable than exotic or rare flowers.
  • Size and design of arrangement: The size and complexity of the floral arrangement can also affect its cost. Simple bouquets or wreaths may cost less than elaborate sprays or casket covers.
  • Location: Funeral flowers need to be shipped or delivered to a specific location, which can incur additional fees.
  • Time of year: The cost of flowers can vary depending on the time of year, with peak seasons like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day often resulting in higher prices.
  • Florist's pricing policy: Each florist may have their pricing policy, which can affect the cost of funeral flowers.

With all this in mind, the average cost of funeral flowers is typically between $50 to $150. You should generally expect to spend around $100-$300 depending on the arrangement you’re sending or $500+ if you’re purchasing flowers for decoration at a funeral.

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Types of funeral flowers

There are a variety of flowers that are commonly used for funeral arrangements. Some of the most popular types of flowers include:

  • Roses: Roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, but they can also be used to express sympathy or sadness. White roses are often used in funeral arrangements as a sign of innocence and purity. You can find red rose spray arrangements for around $400.
  • Lilies: Lilies symbolize innocence and beauty, making them a gentle and tasteful flower for funeral arrangements. A lily and carnation basket is a perfect choice for those who want to mix multiple flowers and will cost around $170.
  • Carnations: Carnations are a popular choice for funerals because of their range of colors and long-lasting blooms. Red carnations symbolize love, while white carnations signify innocence and remembrance. For $270, you can find a beautiful red carnation casket spray with a combination of both full size and miniature carnations.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are often used in funeral arrangements to represent grief or sorrow. Chrysanthemums make beautiful table decor at a funeral and can be found in a basket arrangement for just under $100.

Your preference for the type of flower used for a funeral arrangement will likely depend on your budget, the family's preferences or requests, as well as the message you wish to convey with your tribute.

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Types of funeral flower arrangements

Funeral flowers also come in some pretty common types of arrangements that are meant specifically for funerals. These arrangement types include:

  • Bouquets and baskets - usually around $90: Bouquets and baskets are the most basic type of funeral arrangement and usually consist of a few different species of flowers.
  • Wreaths - usually around $270: Wreaths are circular arrangements that can be either hung or placed on an easel. They symbolize eternity and often contain several types of flowers, as well as foliage or other decorations.
  • Casket sprays - usually around $300: Casket sprays are large arrangements that cover the entire length of a casket, typically in an arched or fan-like shape. These arrangements often contain many flowers and other decorations, such as ribbons or foliage.
  • Standing sprays - usually around $200: Standing sprays are usually placed on top of the casket during the funeral service and then taken home by the family afterwards. They often feature flowers in an upright, fan-shaped arrangement and are sometimes accompanied by special mementos or keepsakes.

When choosing a funeral flower arrangement to send to a family, a family member or friend, it is important to consider not only the type of flowers you would like, but also the size and complexity of the design, where they will be sent or delivered to, the time of year, and the florist’s pricing policy.

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Which funeral flower arrangements are the least expensive?

Bouquets and baskets tend to be the least expensive types of funeral flower arrangements, starting around $50. These arrangements usually consist of a few different species of flowers, such as roses, lilies, and carnations, and can often be tailored to fit your budget. If you are looking for something more elaborate, wreaths and casket sprays will typically cost more than bouquets and baskets. Standing sprays, which usually feature flowers in an upright, fan-shaped arrangement, may also be more expensive, depending on the complexity of the design and type of flowers used.

Keeping these factors in mind can help you select a funeral flower arrangement that is within your budget while still honoring the memory of your loved one. Additionally, many florists offer discounts or special packages for funeral flowers, so it is always a good idea to ask about any promotions or deals that may be available. With careful consideration and a bit of research, you can find the perfect flower arrangement at an affordable price.

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Last updated March 16, 2023
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