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A Guide to Buying Cremation Diamonds

Cremations have been the most common disposition method since 2015, and with that rise in popularity, comes an increasing number of options when it comes to cremation jewelry. Cremation diamonds are a beautiful and timeless way to honor a loved one and keep them close to you. Cremation diamonds are stones made from cremation ashes (or hair) that are infused during the gem-making process. You can do both diamonds and regular cremation jewelry since each only require a small amount of ashes.

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Here are the general steps to make a cremation diamond: Choose your style, cut, and carat of diamond. Purchase the diamond from your chosen supplier. Mail the supplier the specified amount of ashes (or hair) according to their requirements. Once the supplier receives the ashes, they will then heat the ashes until they turn into graphite. The graphite will be placed with a diamond seed into a diamond press. The heat and pressure of the diamond press is increased and maintained until the graphite turns into a crystal. The crystal is then removed and cut to your design specifications.


Purchasing a cremation diamond is unique from purchasing other jewelry online in that it requires a bit of a lengthy process. While it depends on the company you purchase from, you should expect to wait roughly 6 months for a cremation diamond to be ready. Keep this timeline in mind when purchasing the product.


The price of cremation diamonds varies based on the manufacturer, type of diamond, and carat you choose to go with, but you should plan on spending at least $1,200 on a cremation diamond. Cremation diamonds come in a variety of colors with yellow diamonds usually being the cheapest and white or colorless diamonds being the most expensive.

Higher end cremation diamonds can be as much as $7,000 (or more!) and are usually colorless or white and are higher carats. If you’re interested in purchasing cremation diamonds, but aren’t sure you can afford the higher ends, look for yellow diamonds that are lower in carats and you might be able to find something that fits your budget. If you’re set on a specific style and carat, consider creating a memorial fundraiser to cover unexpected costs. While a cremation diamond is something beautiful to honor your loved one, there are many other beautiful and unique ways you can honor someone who passed away.

Some cremation diamond suppliers also charge less if you purchase multiple diamonds at once. This is a great idea if you’re searching for cremation diamonds that family members can wear, so that each member can have a diamond made from ashes.

Where to buy

It’s unlikely that you’ll be located near a cremation diamond supplier, so it’s a good idea to check with online retailers. Some popular online retailers are: Eterneva, Lonite, LifeGem, and Saint Diamonds.

If you’re considering cremation diamonds, but know that it’s far outside your budget, you do have options available to you.

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A memorial fundraiser is an easy way to cover the costs of cremation and cremation jewelry that you plan on purchasing. Many people understand the importance of cremation jewelry, so you’re likely to find support from your community when going to them for assistance with such a large financial burden. This is especially true if multiple members of your family are interested in purchasing cremation diamonds.


If you’re realizing a cremation diamond is just not going to work with your budget, it’s a great idea to consider alternative forms of cremation jewelry. You can find cremation jewelry (including necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more) by searching online and in our marketplace.

While many types of jewelry can’t be infused with ashes, they do act as vessels or containers for ashes. You’ll still be able to keep your loved one close to you while wearing something that you find appealing. Metal types of cremation jewelry are much more affordable than diamonds and come in a variety of styles. This is also a great alternative if you have a large family who is interested in cremation jewelry for a loved one.

Cremation jewelry is much less expensive when compared to cremation diamonds, with some cremation jewelry starting out as low as $27. This is a massive decrease from the price tag of a cremation diamond, which can cost you upwards of $7,000 -- almost as much as the funeral itself.

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Last updated July 20, 2021
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