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Visiting Winter and friends
2013, Clearwater Marine Aquarium,, Clearwater, FL, USA
Visiting Winter and friends — with Winter and friends.
Jo-Ann Kelly
2018, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the old part

I was there in 2018 , I had been down in the dumps for await, ( depression) just seeing Winter would help lift my spirits, I was walking around the the downstairs looking for the dolphins , I seen Winter just hanging out by a wall, I waved my hand 3 times and wait, wave 3 times and kept doing this , she came over and  looked at me with her smile then she showed me her tail.  that was the 7th  time I had seen her. ,just her doing that touched my heart. I went out and got a tattoo of Winter will I was in Florida. Winter and I sure some dates, Winter's birthday is Oct. 10,  my anniversary is Oct 9. The day Winter died is Nov 11,  my hubby and I met Nov10, and Nov 11 is Canada's Remembrance  Day. My best memories of Winter was when is  was a baby, and Clearwater was not crowded , I would make clicking noises and she would look our at me, that made me smile. Winter will forever live in my heart.

I always wanted to see winter, and in 2019 that came true, I was 8 and I remember hearing her little tweety-bird sounds and meeting Nicholas. I always dreamed of moving to Florida to work with her, I could never imagine her dying, it seemed impossible to me. I remember the morning after her death, it didn’t hit me right away that my baby girl was gone. I’ve cried countless times over her, and here I am, writing about her. There are so many people that loved her, the fact that there are so many sights dedicated to her doesn’t surprise me, but it proves how inspiring she truly was and how loved she is and will forever be. It really hurts to say these words, but Winter, you will be missed, I love you, and I will see you in Heaven, thank you for my childhood and everything you have given me, and most of all, thank you CMA for those wonderful 16 years with her.

i always dreamedof meeting winter. I loved watching the movies  over and over again. two nights ago i thought what would happen if winter died, today i came on to this sight to see how winters going. And hear for the first time that winter passed away, here i am in tears writing  this message.  🐬

-12 year old

Winter was the most inspirational creature encouraging everyone to be their best. Thank you Winter RIP you will always be remembered x💗
I loved watching winter play in the water and her having fun with her bubbles, I got to personally meet her, and it was the happiest/best day of my life. She was such a beautiful baby girl, lasting much longer then the odds. When my parents told me what I got to do, I couldn’t settle down I was so excited! May Winter Rest In Peace, and continue to inspire with her legacy as she did for me to get the courage to fight through my childhood. RIP Winter!
Shared a heart Red heart

I never went to se her at the aquarium, but I really wish I could have. My mom told me the day I found out she was gone forever that we were planning to go see her as a gift for me, since I had always begged my parents to let me go see her after I watched the Dolphin Tale movies. I cried for hours after that. I was heartbroken. She was a beautiful dolphin and I never miss a moment to check on the other dolphins using the webcams. I watch them all the time, even when my teachers tell us no to be on our laptops. She was beautiful and I wrote a haiku about her last week for class. I wrote: 

Three fins, no tail

A beautiful dolphin

She will always be here

I really miss Winter, and I will never forget her. I love her so much.


Eu Sou Brasileira mas acompanhei a Winter sinto muito pela perda de vocês muito pela perda dessa grande Estrela espero de fiquem bem,meus pêsames para vocês
From: Hamilak Cares
Sorry to don't meet you personally. I'll love you always. Thanks, my Winter
winter was special she was born 10/10 and died 11/11 thats what made her special when i first saw dolphin tale two it said at the end winter is happy and heathly at cma you can see her i did that and it said winter died nov 11 2021 and my little heart was broken i cried for 5 minutes straight when i saw the video i was crying and now all i want to where is cma clothes 
I've loved Winter since I was a little girl, she's meant so much to me. I would tell people at my school about her, draw pictures of dolphins, send CMA many written cards, and raise money and donate it to CMA. I'd watch the dolphin tale movies a lot, watch the animal webcams (especially the dolphins) for hours, and just dream to be an animal care specialist and marine biologist at CMA. Winter is still so special to me and I will love her forever. I was so heartbroken when I heard of her passing the morning after. It was just so crushing. She means as much to me as she did over a decade ago, if not even more. I'm still in love with the work that CMA does and I stay up to date with everything going on there and I enjoy the dolphin webcams still. Even though Winter is gone, some things never change. I'm so thankful to have visited her, Hope, Nicholas and all of the other amazing animals at CMA a few years ago. It was amazing to see Winter right before my eyes, and she swam right in front of me just a couple feet away. I miss Winter every day, she stole my heart 11 years ago. Everything about her was just so special, she's truly unforgettable. She now swims free in Heaven, in a much better place. Until we meet again sweet girl. Love you forever Winter
I LOVED Winter a bunch. I watched both the movies a bunch.  I still watch them. I have braces to help me walk, like Winter had a prosthetic to help her swim. I really hated wearing my braces until I watched the Dolphin Tale movies again. And watched I don't know how many Inspirationalnal Winter videos. I kind of figured if winter and all the other special kids and adults could learn how to reach their goals and not let problems get in their way, I kind of figured I could to the same. and Winter was so super special and helpful to me, I still think of her a lot. I would have liked it if I could tell Winter, Hope and Nickolous all this in person. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of having a Winter VR. That's really cool. I love that you're keeping winter alive. I watched a few of the Inspirationalnal Winter videos, one if them was a remembering Winter, when she was rescued, first being fed from a bottle and swimming in the big pool. And that reminded me of some of the people of the movie that I know really good from the movie. Sawyer, Hazel, Dr. Clay, Dr. McCarthy, and Mrs. Nelson. I love the movies a bunch.
from the moment my wife and I saw the movie Dolphin Tale, TWICE in the theater and then bought the movie, we fell in love with winter. As far as we were concerned she was like our child/family member. WE did not know of her passing until  today and we both cried, alot.  God Bless Clearwater Aquarium for taking winter into their hearts and doing the right thing . We loved her and will miss her greatly..all our love to the handlers of winter, we feel your greif. God Bless you

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