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This is the future of funerals.

A memorial that feels like them, a price that feels fair, and a process that feels less stressful
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Ever Loved and Solace Cremation have teamed up so you can give your loved one the best possible sendoff. Our work is based on three core principles:


Every goodbye should be unique.

Cookie cutter funerals should be a thing of the past. Every loved one we lose had their own unique personality, style and interests, and we want to help you capture those in their ceremony. Whether something more traditional or something totally wild feels right to you, we'll help you make it happen.


Funerals should—and can—be affordable.

The average funeral in the United States costs a whopping $9,000. While some fees are unavoidable, most funeral homes have tons of operating costs that they pass on to families through high prices. Instead, we leverage technology to enable our team to do more with less. This allows us to offer high-end memorial services at some of the best prices.


You should feel in control.

After losing a loved one, you're already going through enough. You don't need more stress or sales tactics piled on top. We make it easy for you to make well-informed decisions where it matters, while we take care of all the organizational details that can become overwhelming.

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Here's what you get:

A Dignified Cremation
Solace Cremation
A Custom Memorial Service or
Celebration of Life
Ever Loved
  • Transportation of your loved one into our care
  • Secure, refrigerated storage while awaiting cremation
  • The cremation process
  • A Solace temporary urn
  • All necessary permits
  • The safe return of your loved one's remains via hand delivery or USPS in the United States
  • Filing of certified death certificates
  • Virtual planning sessions with an experienced memorial event planner
  • Support in finding and booking an event venue
  • A premium memorial website to keep everyone in the loop
  • Your event planner's on-the-ground support at the service
  • Live event streaming, if desired
  • Up to 200 event programs
  • Guidance on other post-death tasks
$895 $995
Total cost: $1,890

Compare to national average of $3,900 for a cremation and service

Prices apply to Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. Holding a service elsewhere? Call us to discuss.

Our teams work closely together to ensure that everything gets taken care of for you in the least stressful way possible.

Call us now: (213) 337-7722

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this package so much affordable than other funeral homes?

Most funeral businesses have tons of overhead; they own or rent a building, store caskets, practice embalming and much more. Ultimately, these costs get passed along to consumers in the form of high prices. We've eliminated unnecessary costs and stayed focused on doing just two things extremely well: organizing the perfect memorial event and providing compassionate and dignified cremations. We've also built technology to support our families and our team. We let tech take care of the mundane tasks so we can focus our energy and time on what matters most and charge you less.

Are there other costs that aren't covered by this package?

There are no additional fees charged by Ever Loved or Solace Cremation. However, you may find that there are other things you need to or choose to spend money on. For example, most people need certified death certificates, and the local registrar charges $21/copy. Many people also choose to purchase decorations and/or serve food to guests, which adds costs. We're always here to help advise you on how to get the most for your budget if that's a concern.

I'm interested. What should I expect the process to be like?

Start by giving us a call at (213) 337-7722 so we can answer any questions for you. We'll then set up a phone or Zoom introductory meeting with an Ever Loved team member who will gather basic information about your loved one and your wishes and introduce you to our specialists in event planning and cremations. You'll fill out all your cremation forms digitally with the team from Solace Cremation available to help support you. You'll also meet with your memorial event planner at a location that's convenient to you to discuss your event in depth. Your planner will help you take care of all the event logistics. On the day of the event, you'll also have the full support of your planner to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Call us now: (213) 337-7722