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I am so sorry that Im just seeing that Mr. Dortch had passed. I was so honored that he and his amazing organization honored me in 2021 during Covid and managed to still do a ceremony online. I’m sorry I will never get an opportunity to meet him, shake his hand and say Thank you! My condolences to his family! God bless you and my prayers are with you! 🙏🏽
My deepest condolences to the Dortch family.  Tommy was a true gentleman and a scholar.  I met him during a lunch meeting hosted by the Atlanta Business League.  He was a charismatic and intellectual  speaker.  May he rest in peace.
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My condolences to Thomas's family. I first meet Tommy with Tom and Donna Joyner.

We became friends immediately. He always said "yes Billy we can do it"..

Just a few months ago he travel to Delaware to install another 100 Black Men chapter..Again, he always ,"Yes,Billy we can do it".

Thank you Tommy W. Dortch Jr. for being a mighty good man & being a distinguished mentor to so many. My family & I will always be grateful for your work. You will always be remembered with love & appreciation.

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I want to send my condolences and love to family, I'm an employee of ATS and I love it very easy, understanding company work  and I'm proud to be apart of the team... Rest Well The Man, The Myth and The Legend 

Mrs. Carol & Tre, 

Thank you for allowing me to lead our Team of “Angels “ to care for Mr. Thomas W. Dortch.  Although our time was short, but our days and nights were long. It was a pleasure and an honor to be at the bedside with him as He peacefully entered into his eternal rest.

On behalf of Visiting Angels Atlanta-Midtown/Patricia Goodgame, we extend our condolences.

Vern, Lisa, Micaela, Patresa & Barbara

I will never forget how kind Tommy was to a young newbie to Atlanta. I learned how to be civicly and politically active thru Tommy's example.  Tommy is a glowing example of a life well lived. Gone but never forgotten.❤️🙏 Peace and Comfort to the Family.
we grew up like brothers played and did many others things that brothers would do he was always the thinker....will be missed by everyone..RIP
My deepest condolences to the Dortch family.  Tommy used his many gifts to make life better for others, and it was a privilege to know him as a friend and support his wonderful work. He had the rare ability to show genuine interest in everyone he met, which made him an ideal mentor and advocate for youth and all. Tommy leaves a legacy of leadership that will live on through the work of 100 Black Men and the many young people whom the organization has empowered to become their best selves. His commitment to the community and to the next generation provides a model for all of us, and it is an honor and blessing to have known him.  
My sincerest condolences to the Dortch family at this time. I know you will miss his presence. I encourage you to embrace the wonderful memories Tommy has left with you and many around the world. He was a leader, a visionary. He inspired so many and encouraged us to walk in excellence. I know He's with God and the angels are rejoicing to receive this awesome man. Prayers and Blessings!!!!

Mrs. Dortch and Tre,

My heart grieves with you in this great loss. You're an amazing family and I will always be here for you all to support in any way I can. Continuing to keep you all in prayer. Hugs. 

Qiana Howell 

The Turnage family’s thoughts are with the Dortch family and all who loved him. Tommy Dortch’s many contributions to HBCUs, African Americans, and this country can never fully be enumerated.
My heartfelt condolences to the Dortch family. Love, Peace, and Prayer be with you during this difficult time as you celebrate Thomas’s life. 
Just wanted to offer my condolences to the family during this difficult time. May the Lord provide you with peace and comfort during this grieving process.
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My prayers go out to the family during this difficult  time.  RIP Tommy.

Thomas leadership and genuine care for people exemplified his role as a servant leader.  I will never forget his kind words of support when I met him.  A giant in Atlanta that will be surely missed.


Credit Union Pres/CEO

Thanks to the Dortch family for sharing Chairmen Dortch with the 100 and the world. May it be a comfort to you all, that he changed and saved lives. One of life's greatest achievements is using your God-given gifts to serve others. Rest in power, Chairman.
Prayers are with you. Rip for my dear brother. 
My deepest condolences to the family of Bro Dortch and the 100 Black Men. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this period of mourning. Thank you for sharing Bro Dortch with the 100. His leadership and impact is immeasurable. 
A mighty Oak has fallen! Rest in Peace! Long live Bro. Chairman Thomas W. Dortch!✝️🙏🏿✌🏾✊🏾
The FVSU Wildcat Spirit embodied the soul, mind and body of Tommy, he was always proud of his humble beginnings at FVSU. Rest in Peace, my friend. Heaven's Doors Awaited You, thou good and grateful servant. Well Done🙏

As I think of Thomas W. Dortch Jr. a smile comes to my face. He was a father figure for those who had no father, a man of distinction for us who had fathers. His kindness was dignified. His willingness to help the known and the unknown was his Mercy and Grace to humanity. He has earned his home in heaven.

Anthony Sampson

100 Black Men of America

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