This senior citizen lady has been like a mother to me she has been a great inspiration in my life and has been there when my mother has not she has been good and has been a blessing and now she is suffering from kidney failure and did not have long to live and we are just trying to raise money or help we do not know where to turn so we're just asking for any donations to help us with funeral expenses it would really mean a lot I wish that I could do more but I can't all I can say is that we love her so much she has took in the homeless as she has been a mother figure at at least that I want to do is just give her a proper burial if you have any questions you can contact the family at 510-343-1484 I never understood a child came in the situation and I hope that no one ever come in a situation not even with their parents or the child or any family member with a very painful thing to endure and I wish that no one had been doing anything like this God bless
Funds are being collected and dispersed by Debbie Eisom. Ever Loved does not take a cut of donations.

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