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We met at Lake Shore Jr Hi.

He was teaching summer band and taught me the trumpet, about 1967.

He also taught my brother trombone about five years earlier.

I loved playing for him as a student in grades 7 through 9.

I was so disappointed when he transferred to Ed White and I attended Lee high.

I’ve always told everyone Roy was my all time favorite teacher.

His instruction helped my play trumpet through high school and college.

You deserve a rest now, Mister M.

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I first met Roy when we were on the original faculty at Ed White HS in 1971. We became instant friends and played together with Danny High and the Shamrocks and many other gigs. Most recently we played together with the River City Rhythm Kings. He has remained a friend for 50+ years and I will miss him greatly.

I have so many fond memories of uncle Roy.  Wether playing golf or looking at the amazing planes that he built. He will be missed but I know he and my dad are leading a bunch of angels in “ Border House blues” the uncensored version.  

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My favorite teacher ever. Taught me trumpet at Lake Shore. God bless you. Miss you. Heaven’s a brighter place now. Join the band, Mr. M. (Still can’t call him Roy.)
My sincere condolences to the McCance family.  Roy and I gigged with each other regularly for the past 30 years.  Many, many fond memories.  Roy, you will be greatly missed.  
My sincere condolences to Mr. McCance's family.  So sad to lose a member of the original faculty of Ed White(my brother was class of 73, I was class of 76, and my younger brother was class of 81).  It was a very unique and wonderful time at Ed White in the beginning and early years and the faculty was a big part of that.   I was in Chorus, but we all knew Mr. McCance.  We were all music geeks and had respect and love for each other.  He contributed so much to the school and community throughout his life.  He will be missed.  
When we were both  band directors we were colleagues. After we both retired we were friends. We golfed together and played in the band together. I will miss my friend Roy.  
I am so sorry to hear of Roy’s passing.  Mr. McCance was my band director from 3rd grade through 9th at Lake Shore Junior high school.  My dad served as his booster president.  I am for ever grateful to him for teaching the basics and launching my career in music for over 40 years.  He will be sorely missed by all that he touched.  Rest In Peace sir.
Roy with the other conductors…
Roy with the other conductors of the Clay County Community Band
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Roy was an inspiration to us all. He was a very talented musician who took special pleasure in sharing his musical gift with everyone he came into contact with. Through his soft spoken manner he displayed an aura of compassion and respect for all.  He was such a pleasure to work with in the Clay County Community Band and the Recycles band.  Sharing the podium with Roy since 2009 has been a highlight of my retirement.  I considered him more than just a colleague; he was a friend as well.  He will be missed greatly.  Prayers for the family continue.
I feel so lucky to  have known Roy and to have played in  the Clay County Community Band with him.  He was a kind and person and extended his friendship  to  me.  All who knew him have lost a wonderful friend.
My condolences to the family.  Roy was a local music icon. I will always have fond memories playing in band at Ed White and many a Saturday night playing gigs with Roy and Danny High and the Shamrocks. My last gig with Roy and Danny was the last time I performed playing trombone.
Roy was the major musical influence in my life. He taught me to play trumpet in 1962 at Lakeshore. He gave me my love for Dixieland music and we even had a Dixieland band at Lakeshore. We stayed in touch throughout the years and I had the pleasure of playing under his direction again just a few years ago in the Clay County Community Band. Your music, your smile and your joy of life will be missed. Thanks for all you gave to so many Roy! 
Many wonderful memories I have with Mr.M being such a huge part of my formative years- 12 through 17…. He was always kind, corny, that smile was always just on the edge… I have nothing but fond memories.  Thank you for teaching me to read and play music, and how to be a member of a group and work together to accomplish a goal of being our best.   I will always remember you with  a happy heart.  I pray the Lord will be with the family and closest of friends.. peace be with you. 
Rest In Peace our dearest Mr M. You touched so many young lives in so many ways. An influence that stayed with us for our entire lives. Thank you for all your corny jokes, the kind words of support and encouragement. But mostly, thank you for sharing the gift of music with all of us.
Very sorry to hear about Mr. McCance's passing. I was a band student from 1984 to 1987. Roy's Band class was always the best part of the day. He was such an easy going guy. Even though we would butcher almost every piece of music we laid our hands on, he had amazing patience and was ever the professional.  Much love and God Bless.
So sorry for your loss Mr. McCance was one of my favorite teachers he taught me how to play the flute he will be truly missed
We were very saddened to hear of  Roy's passing.  He was a integral part of our extended family with his very close relationship with his cousin (and our Brother-in-Law) Jim Blow. We shared many get togethers over the years at holidays and special occasions and enjoyed many rounds of golf followed by lunches usually with either Jim Blow, Dale Blackwell, or Danny Doar. He occasionally came to the Blow family reunions, where he played his clarinet on the beach accompanied by Jim with his ukulele.  We will miss him  and send our love to Jenny and all of Roy's family.
So sad to hear of this loss.   Roy (always Mr. McCance to me) was a tough leader but loved by so many for his dedication to pushing us to do our very best. I enjoyed his sense of humor and was honored to be his "band aid" my senior year. I will miss hearing him masterfully play his clarinet at the Mudville Grille with the the River City Rythmn Kings. Rest in peace Mr. McCance. Job well done. 
Roy also composed the March for Lake Shore Jr High’s “Warrior” band.   
My band teacher at Lakeshore Jr. High school.   '70/'71.  He managed to teach me how to play reasonably well.  He also taught me in a subtle way that maybe I was at listening to music instead of playing an instrument.   He was a very talented and patient man.   He will be missed. 

So Sad for the loss of an Original Commander !!! RIP !!! 😪😪😪

God Speed Roy 🙏🙏🙏

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