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Dear Friends,

At this time of mourning I am reminded daily of the beautiful community of souls that Robert gathered around him. He valued each of you and treasured the time you spent together. Being connected to you during this tender time is a comfort and support to me. Thank you.

I want to let you know our current circumstances and thank you for all the support you have already given. The monetary support and donations given, your messages of love and support, your tributes, circles and sharing sustain me. I am deeply grateful for the outpouring of love and support from you.

The last few weeks of Roberts life was filled with valiant attempts to keep him physically with us as he so longed to continue to live and continue sharing with others. Due to unforeseen circumstances his body had an unusual reaction to having a feeding tube that required additional surgeries and specialist’s expertise to correct this and sustain his life. We were fortunate to be at a hospital that gave him the round the clock care and monitoring that he needed and that allowed me to be with him. I know this meant a great deal to Robert and contributed to the quality of his last days. I believe he received the best care possible. It is with deep sadness and a broken-open heart that I must come to terms with him no longer being in his physical form.

Robert was grateful for the care he received. I know he wants me to be certain that the bills from his treatments and hospital stay are paid for. He lived with integrity and compassion towards others. I want to see this continue.

When this memorial page was created the final monetary amount needed to pay Robert’s medical bills was unknown. I share this with you now with the request that you join me in seeing these get paid in honor of Robert. Here are the amounts due:

1. Oasis of Hope Hospital: The balance of this stay, including all of his surgeries is $66,499.36. A previous portion of the bill I paid with the balance from Robert’s original GoFund Me campaign which has now been used. It costs $30.00 to send each wire transfer payment. This is not included in the totals given. - I want to acknowledged that the head of the hospital gave us a discount out of his care and compassion as he knew this amount would be large.

2. OHSU Hospital: $425.56

3. Funeral Home expenses (includes cremation, transportation of remains, death certificates, etc.) $2,221.60

4. Alvaro Costa: Pranic Healing treatments during his stay in Mexico $900.00

5. $286.64 for Documents needed for his death certificate.

6. There may be unknown expenses that I discover later.

The total of the above known debt comes to $70,333.16.

With Robert’s passing, his income is gone. This is what supported us both. I am needing to sell our home as I cannot financially sustain it. Having his medical debt on top of this is scary for me. I know Robert was worried about me and wanted me cared for. I am so grateful for his unconditional love and care. I feel this sustaining me now.

He valued and modeled the love, compassion and care of community. I am asking you, our community, to please join me in honoring Robert and helping me to pay off these debts.

Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Once Robert’s medical expenses are paid we will be able to turn our attention to making Robert's written, audio, and video resources widely available to the world. Thank you for your support in this. Contribute   Right arrow
Funds are being collected and disbursed by Ruth Joy.

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