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Our whole world got turned upside down when My Love Phillip LeVan lost his life on Christmas day due to a blood clot. Never did I ever think I would have to watch my whole world slip away at such a young age. We had a true once in a life time love that very few ever get to experience. A love that will live past the end of time. He was such a special person that he raised my two boys as his own. they are not just my boys they are ours. He was our rock that kept us all grounded and was always the one that gave us whatever we need. He has never not been there for us and now he needs us to be there for him. To help come up with the $1500 dollars still needed to pay for his cremation. It is another $100 everyday it isn't done. All the families assets has been exhausted as much as possible. So we turn to you for help please

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