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It was 1979 when PdeS hired me to work aboard Lisanola, his 26 meter Admiral motor yacht. I remember Lana when she first came aboard in Charleston. Those years running about at Little Pipe Cay, Lyford Cay and Peter's first foray with the Victory syndicate in Newport were the most memorable and forming part of my life. 

I will always be appreciative of the guidance, support and kindness showed me by PdeS and Ms. Lana, even after running Lisanola hard aground on a sand bank at 28 knots. They showed me kindness even on that fateful, stormy  night.

PdeS will always be in my heart and thoughts and I pray Ms. Lana and his daughters find solace in knowing husband and dad "Peter" is loved and respected by folks around the world.


Whitney Irons

I still cannot quite believe that he has gone-such a life force.  Sometimes there are men who create such an aura that you think you will turn around and somehow they will still be there. Gone, yes but not forgotten, and remembered well. My thoughts are with his family.
PdeS with Monty on SY Silver …
2014, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
PdeS with Monty on SY Silver Spray
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Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

In lieu of flowers, consider a gift to Teenage Cancer Trust.
Rip Mr De Savary from all at your former home Littlecote House 
A fascinating and full life.  Rest in peace.
So very sad to hear;  an inspiration to so many and fabulous to work for in Blue Arrow times.  So much energy and passion for the common goal.  Sending love and thoughts to Lana and all the family.  With love Titch

My condolences to Peter's family 

I worked for “PdS “as his Financial Controller at Skibo Castle

PdS was a  character and had vision that enabled many in the North of Scotland to pursue a career they could never have dreamed of.  In particular a lot of young people began there career path under PdS.

I remember my time working for him very fondly. He inspired loyalty and had a strong work ethic with a tremendous attention to detail.

I am sure his remembrance will be of a life lived as it should be.


To Lana and Family: 

My deepest condolensces on your loss. PdS was one of a kind – a man of great vision and great understanding of the media who was a gem to put in front of the press, maximizing the opportunity every time, a raconteur second to none. His legacy will live on through all the properties he developed, remade or created in different parts of the world. 

Here's PdeS welcoming his cre…
1983, Newport, RI, USA
Here's PdeS welcoming his crew on the afternoon they were eliminated from America's Cup competition in September 1983 in Newport.  I took this photo from another boat.  I remember how he applauded his crew for the great effort as they docked.  Mr. de Savary was one of the last gentleman that made America's Cup interesting.  I never had the pleasure of actually meeting him, but I had a great deal of respect for him.  The good die young I guess and he's one example of that.  A kind and classy man.
Peter helming the very beautiful "Siena" in July '22 (on what i think was his last departure from Trinity Landing, Cowes) after a good glass of chilled white wine and some very good sausages at the Royal Yacht Squadron. Smokie the chihuahua was very happy, and PdeS  made sure that the new horn was functioning correctly... Great memories - you will be very sadly missed by very many of us, and i feel privileged to have bumped into you. Fair winds and tides!  
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PdeS on Vagrant's helm sailin…
1987, The Solent, UK
PdeS on Vagrant's helm sailing around in Cowes week promoting Blue Arrow Americas Cup Challenge — with Nigel Dempster, Terry Wogan, Rocka Romcke and PdeS

PdeS will be missed by so many, especially in the Yachting world.

A great Boss to have worked for.

Best regards to Lana and the 5 girls.

So sorry foir your loss, PDeS was a great inspiration to all us young cadets growing up at the RBYC and watching the Amercias cup in Newport from afar. 

Dear Lana, Tara, Amber and Savannah,

So sorry for your loss; what a shock for all of you.

My rememberance of pdes and you (this is how I spelled it) was here in Newport, RI when he hired me as initially his staff of one for his US adventure – The Carnegie Abbey Club. From the begining of our first meeting, his enthusiasm and vision was self evident as was his love for you. It was quite a ride and never dull. Over 13 years I got to interact with him, you and the many wonderful people he brought from his other properties, as well as managed his five estates, various cars and boats.

All of my best wishes and hope you can take some comfort from all of us who got to be part of your life through pdes.


I am very sad to hear the news of the passing of PdeS. I feel extremely grateful that I had the pleasure of working for him and his wonderful family at the Old Swan & Minster Mill for a good number of years. 

PdeS was a fabulous character, a great showman and one of the hardest working people I have ever met. 

Everything he did was with 100% enthusiasm and passion. My thoughts go out to his family and friends many of them I have been lucky enough to meet or even work alongside, I know the passing of PdeS will leave a great gap in their lives and i will be thinking of them all at this sad time. 

RIP PdeS, the person who always had a spark in his eye and gave everyone the time of day, he will be sadly missed.

Shelley Silver 

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