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Patricia Helen hill (hoar) lost her battle to 4th stage lung cancer, on august 14,2019,after suffering for 3 long days she didn’t want to leave us at all!! And we didn’t want her to go😔but that morning she took her last breath I feel I took mine also😔my mother would go beyond for anyone in need and now that brooklawn you have to get there stones and there 1800$ I’m asking for help to get …

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My mother was buried alone!!! Her brother was her poa and said brooklawn said it would be 2000$ to watch!!! And now I wish I had asked them!!! It’s hard when u couldn’t watch them put your mom in!!! And she got cremated and no funeral!!! Just celebrating of her!!! So I’m gonna have a funeral all over for my mother who deserved one to begin with!!! It’s hard trying to get up what they want alone and have it put in I’m praying we can do this for her 64th bday april21@brooklawn also donations can go straight to brooklawn anything helps ty

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How to be the women iam today ty ma
How to be the women iam today ty ma
How to be the women iam today ty ma

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Our mother was buried with out any of us being able to be there!!! Cause my uncle who was her poa said it costed 2000 to be there? So this has been so hard knowing we couldn’t be there to lay our mother to rest and to get her a plaque that she so deserve is about 1800$ and 200$ to be put in!!! And living month to month is hard but even if it’s half I can come up with that would help!!! My mother deserves a plaque and this has been eating at me and u just can’t get whatever one u want!!! Anything will help and all donations can go straight to brook lawn!! Contribute   Right arrow




April 21st, 1957

Passed away

August 14th, 2019
Portland, ME, USA

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Cause of death

Lung cancer

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Final resting place

Brooklawn Memorial Park

2002 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102
Hospice care provided by

hospice new england maine


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Patricia "(Our mother)" Hill