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In memory of Nicholas Alahverdian
We are grateful for the courage and clarity of Nicholas’ voice on the urgent need to reform DCYF and protect children in state care.
Anne Grant and H. Philip West, Jr.
A warm, witty and brilliant young man taken from us too soon. Far too soon. But Nick, you will always be with us. Always.

Stephen O'Shea
United States Congressman Jam…
United States Congressman James Langevin issues proclamation in honor of the memory of Nicholas Alahverdian
Maybe the eternal light promised to all faithful followers shine upon Nick for all eternity. His goal was to leave this earth a better place and he surpassed all expectations. Rest In Peace. Sincerely, Rep. Patricia Serpa
Nick was a TRUE fighter and a kind young man who continued to invest in others. He wasn’t afraid to fight for what he believed in and I appreciate his generosity to those around him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this difficult times.
Councilman Ed Brady
I'm sorry for your painful loss. It was a terrible surprise when I learned Nicholas had died. I liked him.
I think I was the first reporter to quote him, when he was just a kid. I remember that meeting. I had been writing a lot about Cranston's bad financial situation. The crowd was enormous and the atmosphere was angry and tense. Nicholas was poised when he addressed the auditorium and very polite to me when I went up to him afterward to get his name and age. I was happy when he developed a relationship with writers such as Bob Kerr and learned how to use his media contacts to get his message out.
I will remember him always.
Mark Arsenault, Boston Globe, formerly the Projo.
I read about the remarkable life of Mr. Alahverdian in the Rehoboth Reporter; what an incredible and inspiring life.

I cannot begin to imagine what he would have accomplished given greater time on this earth.

Sincere condolences,

Sam Crooks
After this virus chaos is over with, Nick’s resolution for the DCF committee needs to be a priority. Long over due.
A favorite photo. Nick (left)…
2011, Venus de Milo, Grand Army of the Republic Highway, Swansea, MA, USA
A favorite photo. Nick (left), Patrick Kennedy, and Rudy Cheeks
What a loss. Smart, thoughtful, would give you the shirt off of his back. Politically a genius. Literature was second nature. He just couldn’t ever beat me at chess. Haha well we’ll have another try someday, somewhere my friend. My condolences to the family. My thoughts are with you.
Nicholas was such a great guy. He was always a hard worker on the newspaper we worked on together in college and he was eager to do his best job possible. What a great man that has helped so many. He and I shared a love for smoking pipes and would have video chats to show our newest pipes after he had moved to a different state. You will be missed, Nick.
I am so very sorry to learn of the passing of Nicholas. It was my honor to work with him and see his selflessness dedication to the residents of the State of Rhode Island. My deepest sympathy. Bea
Nicholas and I met during our time at university. We both sang karaoke together my first evening at school, and I was eager to get to know Nicholas as my fellow classmate and friend. He was always inquisitive, thoughtful, and wise. I enjoyed our drives together and our outings for doughnuts. We confided in each other, and the time spent together was memorable because of his strong mind and his stories of triumph. My sincerest sympathy and condolences to his dearest wife and children. May his memory live on through his work and words.
Obituary in The Reporter
2020, Rhode Island, USA
Obituary in The Reporter
A Providence Journal photo of…
2002, Rhode Island State House of Representatives, Smith Street, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
A Providence Journal photo of Nicholas Alahverdian, age 14, outside the House Chamber, with Sen. John Tassoni, Rep. Paul Moura, and Rep. Frank Montanaro, as he lobbied for more state aid to local schools
In january 2012 if Mr. Alahverdian didn’t help me I would have been dead. I literally owe him life. His help and direction led me to do great things, and I eventually re-entered my program and completed it with honors.

I will be thankful forever for his help. With much respect and many condolences to the family.

C Finn
Boston, MA
I read of his death in my local newspaper earlier this month — in Wyoming! He suffered so much and was taken from this world too soon. It would have been an honor to meet him. But the privilege of reading about him and his good deeds in his short life inspires me to go and help in the ways I can.

Thank you Mr. Alahverdian for all that you did to better the lives of disadvantaged children and teens in Rhode Island and America.

May peace be with you soul in eternal rest. God bless.
I was very saddened to learn of Nicholas' passing and I extend my sincere condolences to the Alahverdian family. As his attorney for the past year, I got to know him well, and I was so impressed with his intelligence, dedication and passion for his causes.

Sincerely, Jeff Pine
My Nicky~ we called each other “cousins” because it just seemed natural. We had so much fun together~ Federal Hill, Roma, The Old Canteen, Boston. You were so loved and respected everywhere we went. I would give anything to see you again. You were an advocate for the one’s who had no voice. We will continue your legacy and fight. This is a time in my life that I am asking God, “Why?”
But as I search for that answer I will be comforted by my memories of you. Love you Nick
My deepest condolences to the Alahverdian family. It was an honor to have known Nicholas. He fought courageously to improve our state, particularly with regard to child services.

Greg Pare
Rest in peace dear friend. You sounded the alarm on corrupt practices when no one was listening. You angered those who were satisfied with the status quo. You made enemies as you fought for justice. And they continue to persecute you. But just remember, wherever you are, whether in the stars above or in some place outside this dimension, you changed something for the better. So let all the naysayers keep wasting their breath. Let those hurt by jealousy continue to rot in their self-indulging caves. Let all enemies, be they political, social, cultural, or religious, cease to curse you for you and you alone fought a fight that not many people could or would. And you did it for twenty years.

To the family I say my tears fill my cup. I wish the best for you and your beloved children. Do not hesitate to contact me (I emailed through the contact form on and have an email address). May you be protected, guided, and kept safe from all who would do evil.

I would like to leave you with a traditional Jewish prayer (also found in Psalms) that is typically used at a time such as this:

A Song of Ascents.

I lift my eyes to the mountains — from where will my help come?
My help will come from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot falter; your guardian does not slumber.
Indeed, the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.
The Lord is your guardian; the Lord is your protective shade at your right hand.
The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord will guard you from all evil; He will guard your soul.
The Lord will guard your going and your coming from now and for all time.
Alahverdian Family
2020, Rhode Island State House, Smith Street, Providence, RI, USA
Mr. Alahverdian worked until the very end. He had merely two weeks to live and his focus was first his family and then improving DCYF. This was something for him that was 20 years in the making. Thank you Representatives Ray Hull, John Lombardi, David Bennett, and James McLoughlin for helping to make it happen.

Nicholas Alahverdian was a great man. Coming from no real family, surviving the torture that he did, wow who can come all through that? And then make it to Harvard? Nicholas did it and he didn't stop there. He kept on fighting so that kids in the notoriously dysfunctional DCYF would not have to suffer like he did. He will forever be remembered as THE person who sparked reform. He is now in the hands of God, resting peacefully, after a full life, well lived, and spent doing the work of the people. An advocate in life, a champion in death.

Thank you Nicholas
It was a sincere pleasure and privilege to get to know Nicholas as a participant in my Romanticism seminar at Harvard in 2012 -- a bright and impassioned mind, inspired and inspiring! I shall certainly miss him!

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