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Every womans dream is to become a mother ,I have had the opportunity twice but to no avail. . On two occasions I have become pregnant not only with a little baby in my stomach but with anticipation and love in my heart. I learned for the ability to be a loving parent to a God given bundle of joy unlike many deserving parents my pregnancies did not come to fruition. My name is Sarah White. Today I come to you with a broken heart and with blood stained tears in my tired eyes, yesterday my world was turned upside down yet again as our baby girl came into this world at 8 months and lived for about 1 hr. I question God and I have asked myself if I did something wrong to deserve this but I came to the conclusion that God had no part in this it was the negligence of a Dr whom I trusted to see me through this and who knew I had been having medical issues for a week but he’d say it was normal. I have pondered all through the night on how I will cope once again with this terrible lost.
My baby is with father God while I am here picking up the pieces of my heart that has been broken again and again. To my friends, followers and family I come to you in my darkest hour I have lost yet another baby another smile another future and another piece of my heart. With a humble heart I ask for your help to give my baby the funeral she deserves, although my baby will not be around to experience the good in people I have confidence that my friends and strangers will help me raise monetary contributions to give my baby the funeral she deserves. I ask you to please help me raise the funds to bury my child. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of myself my husband and my family I wanna thank you for your heart felt condolences and monetary help.

Today I was released from the hospital and wheel-chaired out of there with empty hands and a heart ache that only Gods knows when it will heal. Reality has sunk in and the pain is unbearable I ask for prayers of comfort and healing because I don’t know where life’s journey will take me. I feel lost with an emptiness inside me that no one should ever bare.

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