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    Please consider a donation to The Miles Philip Winfield Fetal & Birth Injury Memorial Foundation, Inc..
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Miles's obituary


The Winfield family mourns the loss of our beautiful and beloved Baby Miles Philip Winfield, the son of Jason Robert and Jenny Nicole Winfield. Miles passed in utero on March 30, 2021 at 36 weeks, of catastrophic obstetric failure, at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena California, weighing 5 pounds and 14 ounces and 20 inches. A private prayer service has been planned for Monday April 26, 2021, by Clarity Funerals & Cremation in Los Angeles. The baby will be transported to Haverhill Massachusetts for burial at the Elmwood Cemetery in Bradford, where he will rest next to his great grandmother Deliverance Fidelia Joseph, and among his late great grandparents and countless of great aunts and uncles, and other members of the Winfield family. A private prayer service will be held by Sacred Heart Church in Bradford, with the family in attendance.

Arrangements for a prayer service at the Elmwood Cemetery Chapel are being made by the Brookside Chapel and Life Celebration Home in Haverhill. In lieu of flowers or gifts, the family requests that you instead consider making a donation in honor of Baby Miles, and to celebrate his legacy a Memorial Foundation has been established with Chase Bank. You can contribute directly to the Miles Philip Winfield Fetal & Birth Injury Memorial Foundation, Inc., by donating through this website at:…. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The memorial fund will be used to support medical research, community education, and forensic autopsy, to better equip healthcare practitioners and parents to help them understand and address causes. The foundation will also disseminate information to prevent the loss of a fetus in utero after the 24th week of pregnancy, as well as fetal injury and death during delivery.

A memorial is being planned to celebrate Baby Miles' life. The baby has been submitted for prayers of the five million Catholics of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, and his name will be placed permanently in the Archdiocese virtual book of prayers. A similar announcement has been placed in the Boston Archdiocese Pilot News. Metaphysical aid for the baby and the family is being rendered by the Council of Solace Healing Committee of the Rosicrucian Order of AMORC.

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Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to The Miles Philip Winfield Fetal & Birth Injury Memorial Foundation, Inc..

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