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Francine Davis
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Lamar & Marsha enjoying the view. Santa Cruz was one of their favorite spots.
Caroline Tuttle2016, Santa Cruz, CA, USA: "
Francine Davis — "
One of our last vacations. This one was to Santa Cruz with Vernon, Katie and Josie.
Jeff Buckley2016, Santa Cruz, CA, USA: "
Marsha & The Gillingham Girls
Nancy Thomas1958, Boulder, CO, USA: "
Eric Thomas — "
Richard Davis — "
Darlene Porter — "
Caroline Tuttle1971, Indianapolis, IN, USA: "
Marsha with her brother Sam, and her parents, Ike & Maria
Craig Tuttle1945, Indianapolis, IN, USA: "
Francine Davis — "
Jeff Buckley — "
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Caroline Tuttle
Nancy Thomas — "
Eric Thomas — "
Richard Davis — "
Darlene Porter — "

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