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There is star in the night sky that twinkles. I believe Marianne is laughing when it twinkles!

Her Son is one my many Godsons and God Grandson to my Late Father. He was pallbearer and I know my Father would have been happy. 

Janell Bennett
2021, Woodbridge, VA, USA

When my godson Michael needed a room. I let him use one my spare rooms.  He was like a third son. He became my 3rd godson. He was just like my 3 kids. He was respectfully and a full blown stinker. I felt honored Marianne trusted me to watch over her only child.

What really made me made me happy. He was a pallbearer for my Father. My Father loved Marianne son.  He called him his "skinny Bum Bum". 

Having Marianne's  son in his uniform with his other god brothers carrying my Father to lay beside my Mother such an honor.  God sons on one side and Grandsons on the other side.

The last time I saw Marianne was Michael's wedding. I asked her if she was ready to get into some mischief. She smiled and said name the place. She'll be ready! We thanked each other for having Michael. We smiled and cried at the same time.  I miss her laugh but I hear laugh. 

Her laugh started at her head and flowed to her feet and I Know See is smiling. She is a good friend. I say is because my faith feels the body is at rest but the spirit will always be near by. 

Keep smile and laughing, Marianne! 8)

Marianne's mother, Mary and my dad, John, were Bross siblings. Her father, Bill, was my Godfather. I will always remember her with a smile and a hearty laugh to go along with it.

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My deepest condolences and prayers.
She was a lovely person, Mother, sister and friend.
She will be missed but her love will live on. Smile on Marianne.
My special prayers go out to my Best friend Mary Ann we had lots of good times.and will never forget them. Even though we were far away from each other she was always in my prayers Heart. My prayers go out to Mike and family and a good friend Trudie I loved your family and times when I was able to get up to Pa we had great lunches together. All my love Betty Humes Stefanov
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So sorry for your loss Trudi and family. Marianne was a classmate of mine, and I do remember her love of Elvis. I think we all love him, so she had some good company. May she rest in peace. God Bless Sincerely Helen Museousky DiGirolomo

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Marianne Hooke