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In memory of Margareta (Maggie) Helena Ihren Dean

Memories & condolences

Gick i samma klass som Maggan i grundskolan. Det hörde till att alla killarna i klassen var kära i henne. Fick höra om att hon dött först nu i veckan när jag träffade Polaren Per o vi diskuterade om vad som hänt med alla våra klasskamrater från vår mycket stökiga förort. Många gått åt till elände men även många maskrosbarn som Maggan som gjorde något vettigt av deras liv.  Skönt att se hur mycket spännande och intressanta saker klassens stora kärlek gjorde av hennes allt för korta liv. Kärlek till hennes familj. Hoppas allt gott
Leen De Vos
2005, Ikea Ternat Belgium
As Swedish language learning students, Maggie learned us singing Lucia songs which we had to perform live at the local Ikea store.
We had so much fun even if the singing was far from perfect.:) She was always into organizing fun stuff and getting people inspired to live life to the fullest. Thinking of her will always put a smile on my face.
Maggie as Tomten
2005, Ikea Ternat Belgium
Maggie as Tomten
Onwezenlijk was het moment dat we het vreselijk bericht lazen. Dit kon niet waar zijn. De optimistische, positieve, energieke vrouw die nog zoveel plannen had kon niet uit het leven gegrepen zijn. Maar de waarheid is hard en kent geen medelijden. We weten één ding: haar goede eigenschappen leven door in haar 2 prachtige kinderen die met de grootste levenswaarden opgevoed werden. Heel blij dat deze vrouw samen met haar familie mijn pad kruiste! Liefs.
Maggie is truly one of the most inspiring persons I have met in my Life, teached my husband and me everything about coffee and way more. We travelled together to Ethiopia and Panama, we had a very special connection. After moving to LA, we also kept a very good contact And we still had so many plans together. I loved her art so much that she has send us now in february a box of caps but unfortunatly they never arrived with us. Dear Maggie, Its a honour to have know you, I love you so much. our sincere condolances to Brad, Michaela, Chris & her family ❤️ forever in our heart, Matthias De Buck & Annelies Browaeys
Dear Maggie,

February 16, 2020... time stood still as we heard the tragic news of your passing and realised life can be taken in the blink of an eye.
Still in shock and heartbroken I need to say : Farewell my friend, your friendship was a blessing, and I will miss you so.

Maggie, I’ve always admired the way you stood in life: driven, energetic, enthusiastic and strong… a warm genuine personality, with a positivity that was infectious. I loved your great sense of humor. We shared so many adventures together over the years. I wish we could go back, just for a moment, to make movie scenes of “Happy”. In our imagination we were Linda Spielberg and Pharella Williams Ihren Dean. We had so much fun. You were the definition of happiness and brought so much joy in our lifes.
Your family meant the world to you. At every basketball game of Brad, Michaella or Christopher you were the most positive supporter… so spirited, so present and so visibly proud. You always got their back.

I will cherish our last conversation : you were so happy with Brad and liked your life in the desert. You took your passion for art in the cup to drawing, painting and design. The landscape inspired you to continue your journey into art with a desert theme. I will show your art to the world.

I’m grateful and honored that you were a part of my life. I love you, and forever you will live within my heart.
You’re a phenomenal woman, thank you for your happiness and thank you for your Maggieness! ❤️

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