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In memory of Joshua James Connolly

Joshua's obituary

Joshua James Connolly
32 Years Old
Troy, Michigan
Died Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Born December 10th, 1985 in Pontiac, Michigan, Josh is survived by his son Troy, sisters Jamey and Ginger, brother Jack and parents John and Darlene.

Joshua James Connolly thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors. He loved being outside- whether that was sitting on the porch, going to the park with his son, or hiking in the woods. He had a heart for stray animals and took in a cat while living at our previous house in Troy. His son was the light of his life- and he loved being with him.

We know Josh wanted to make sure his son was taken care of. He always tried his best to care for Troy, so we know he'd want to make sure Troy has the best life possible with all the support he can get. In lieu of flowers, please donate to his son's support fund at These funds will be used to help raise Troy and get a start on a college fund.

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