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My prayers and hugs go out to John's family. He and I shared so many great memories growing up and will be remembered as on of my nicest friends as we grew up next door and will have a connection forever ❤️ 
I'm praying for John's family, they have experienced so much recent heartache.
I remember John as a loving son and father. The swim parties at Les and Judy's house in Perris were a lot of fun and John was always friendly and funny.
John's father, Lester Turner, was my step-dad. Les passed away almost 15 years ago. My mother still has pictures of John and his sisters and brother on her walls along with photos of their children. She thinks of all of them daily. Our family is always here for you all, we love you.
My warmest wishes and prayers for comfort, peace, and a beautiful day of remembrance for a life lived to the full! Blessings to John’s family and all those who know and love him. May you each find support and moments of hope and light in the weeks and months ahead. 
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Breanne and Chris, One thing I know without a doubt about your dad is that he loved you deeply. You two were the most important people in his life and he made that clear regularly.  His big, FUN and adventurous personality is missed terribly, there just are no words to explain the tremendous loss I feel. My brother is irreplaceable and his love for life as a father and grandpa was evident.  He just loved the little ones.  He was so happy taking his family on dual annual vacations.  He truly enjoyed traveling the world taking you scuba diving and going to Terp games,  ballet recitals, Disneyland, Magic Mountain water slides, Catalina Island, and even Easter Egg hunts. He sure made everything fun.  Growing up and through high school he was like my twin. He was very good to me during those years. 

 A VERY Protective big brother at LA music concerts then he became a father and he protected the two of you for many years with all his love.  Your mom was the love of his life!  She’s beautiful inside and out (John and I always said that & often at the same time). As we hold on to the many wonderful memories, it will never be the same without him.  Hold each other close and remain best friends through life.  Your sibling relationship is very special- never let it go.  As John said and sang, “the hardest part of this is leaving you”.  Remain close to one another, support each other through life’s good and not so good journeys through life no matter what.  I love you both.  Your dad adored you! 

I love you John John!  I miss you too much big brother, it’s been an honor  



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