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In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to In Memory of Jeffrey Courson.

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Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to In Memory of Jeffrey Courson.
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Jeffrey Alan Courson passed away peacefully at home on the full moon of February 15, 2022 at 12:40 p.m. 

He is survived by his loving wife, Hezar, his son, Nicholas, his mother, Barbara, his sisters, Chris and Cathleen, his brother, Brad, as well as many friends and family near and far.

Jeffrey lived life to its fullest. A car accident in his teenage years grievously injured him and nearly cost him his life. But he …

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A message from Jeffrey’s son, Nicholas:

Like many people (and I know many of my loved ones can relate), help is not something I'm comfortable receiving. But my dad told me that receiving with grace is equally important to giving with generosity.

That said, it is very important to both myself and my step mom, Hezar (also known as Heather), that no one feel obligated.

In that spirit, if you are so inclined, I have two possibilities:

Option #1:

This page has a button to gift funds. Any funds received will go towards end of life expenses, fulfillment of memorial wishes, and to give my step mom some breathing room as she begins this next stage of her life after the abrupt loss of her husband and partner of the last 15 years.

Option #2:

My step mom and I are deeply grateful to Kauai Hospice. A donation to them in Jeffrey Courson's memory would be touching

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Graduated from high school

Escondido High School, North Broadway, Escondido, CA


Honolulu, HI

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Borthwick Kauai Mortuary
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Borthwick Kauai Mortuary

Kauai Hospice
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