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The members of Senior Studies Inc. were saddened to hear of Professor Harrison's death. He was considered one of the favorite lecturers for SSI for over a decade, especially in the areas of local and national Black history. He will be remembered for his warmth and wisdom in his presentations to the group.
A great, great man. Benson class of '89 sends love to his friends and family. May his memory be eternal!
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His powerful spirit lives on in all of us who knew him. Thank you to his daughter for her brave and beautiful words at his Mass.
A man of grace and principle. I always knew him as a respected colleague, always waited for his opinion on an issue before casting my opinion in stone, but to see him as a father and a husband, to see that smile in those contexts, I'm grateful simply to have shared in the brightness he brought to the room.

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My accept my sincere condolences. James Harrison was one incredible human being who holds a place in my heart.

Barbara, Amanda, Michelle, Jessica, and grandchildren — I am so sorry for your loss. I’m sure there is a hole in your lives now that can’t be filled. I was fortunate to experience James’ leadership at St. Philip Neri, and his support of Barbara in her work. I witnessed his love and support of his entire family and community. He was tireless in his thirst for knowledge and wisdom, and his desire to share what he learned with others. I never saw the man without a book in his hands, unless it was to have a child in his arms! He was a true Christian, dedicated to bringing about peace and justice for all.

May the angels bring James to Paradise, and may his memory be a blessing for all those who knew him.

Prof. James Harrison at one o…
2019, Portland Community College Cascade, North Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR, USA
Prof. James Harrison at one of our public events reconnecting with one of the countless of students he touched throughout his decades of teaching history
Jprof. James Harrison partici…
Jprof. James Harrison participating at Vanport Mosaic Stories in Movement story circles
A precious happy memory of th…
2017, Newberg, OR, USA
A precious happy memory of the time we travelled together to Newberg to receive the Oregon Heritage Excellence Award.


James was my mentor teacher at Benson H.S.   We had so much fun teaching together.  I was both astounded and intimidated by his mastery of teaching methodologies and technologies new to me;  his ability to engage students in his lessons unfailing.  He was strict and fair.  He was beloved for his sense of humor. 

I visited his classroom at PCC once after I had been teaching for a few years.  I wanted to bask in the "magic" of his teaching.  I was so absorbed (once again!) that I raised my hand to answer a question.  Of course, he reminded me that guests were not allowed to do that:)

We will all miss his "magic."  James was a good man.

Best wishes,  Stephanie McBride

My sincere condolences to Mrs. Harrison and the entire Harrison Family. It was truly my joy to have shared many life experiences with James as we grew up in the Village of Harlem, NY. God had plans for us and praise God we were able to mature and make a contribution to society, to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.
My warmest story from our youth as teenagers was going to White Castle for burgers. James ordered two dozen and gave me two. We were blessed to be friends. I will miss his always embracing smile, kindness and wisdom. God bless and comfort you all.
Dr. Jamesetta Halley-Boyce, PhD, RN, LFACHE

While at PCC, Mr. Harrison was truly one of The Very Best instructors I've ever had the pleasure to study under at any college or university. He was a prince of a mensch, and a wonderful, wonderful human being.

The planet is bereft in the absence of his laugh and his activist spirit. How lucky we are to be entrusted to keep his memory alive.

Many memories of James at St. Philip Neri. Knowing James over the years was an inspirational experience to say the least. He and Barbara complimented each other in so many endeavors.

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