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Memories & condolences

James Moore Sharon and I share your grief in the passing of your Dad. He will certainly be missed. Know that we love you both and you and JR are in our prayers as you attend your Dads memorial service today.
Debra Hauser Larry and Greg , I’m so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. Hope the two of you and your families are doing well. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Debra Garrison Hauser
Chrystal Young As a moody teenager I answered the front door one day to find Larry waiting on the other side to pick my mother up for a date. And I shut the door in his face. But being the persistent and determined man that he was he just laughed and knocked again. He always encouraged me to be my best and do my best and was a peacemaker when the moment called for one. And in 2012 when my first daughter decided to make her appearance on July 27th he boasted that it was the best birthday gift he could have received. They spent most of their birthdays after that together too. 17 or so years after that first knock on my door I am saddened and miss his daily "good night love you pops" texts. Thank you for not letting a moody teenager deter you that day. Thank you for all the years of being there with open and loving arms for me. Thank you for accepting my children as your own and for loving us. But most of all thank you for taking care of my Mama and for loving her so deeply. For that I will always be grateful. "Goodnight. Love you too."
Jeni Meade 2020: I’m sure gonna miss my birthday partner. Larry always remembered to wish me Happy Birthday as our birthdays were just a day apart. 🥳

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