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In memory of His Eminence Anthony Soter Cardinal Fernandez

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This photo will always be clo…
1998, St John's Cathedral, Jalan Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This photo will always be close to my heart as His Eminence Anthony Soter held mine (Stanley) and my late wife (Saleth Mary)'s hand for the photo when we visited Him in 1998 from Melaka. We were part of the Catholic Senior Fellowship of St Francis Xavier Church,Melaka. Together with us in the photo is Sim Been Teck & Collin Goh. I was humbled by His Eminence's love, warmth and kindness. May His Soul Rest in Peace in the Mercy of God.
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In lieu of flowers, consider a gift to American Cancer Society.
It has been a privilege . Thank you very much for your guidance and advice and fellowship. We will miss you greatly. May you rest in peace.

Arline and I-Hsiang
This photo is very precious t…
1971, St Louis Church, Jalan Convent, Kampung Jambu, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
This photo is very precious to us as Most Rev Anthony Soter Cardinal Fernandez Solemnized our matrimony God have blessed us with 7 children and 10 grandchildren. Thank you Jesus for the gift of Cardinal Soter. May his soul rest in peace.
My first photo with Him ❤️ Ma…
Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
My first photo with Him ❤️ May your Soul rest in peace
BEC St. Anthony (Ampang) visi…
2019, Pusat Jagaan Little Sisters Of The Poor, Jalan 5/96, Taman Sri Bahtera, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
BEC St. Anthony (Ampang) visit to the L.S.P. A beautiful day spend with His Eminence and not forgetting Fr. Amalanathan. It was a humbling experience as a BEC, to be able to know about our Cardinal on a personal level. His Eminence will be remembered for his humility, championing social justice and human right, and keeping the interfaith dialogue strong. Rest in Peace our Beloved Cardinal.
Taiping Catholic Church

I was baptized in 1965
Fr Soter was posted to Taiping not long after.
Since my baptism, I was a regular visitor at the parish house.
The parish was indeed my 2nd home.

I saw, from the start, Father was simple, straightforward, and always on the lookout for his parishioners and their needs, calling forth life in them at every opportunity.
Thus it was, that, as a person so new to the faith, I became a member of the first parish council.

Fr Soter invited me to attend A Movement For A Better World retreat.
Imagine my family's reaction... so filled with fear that I might become a religious.
Actually, that was my secret desire, and Father probably thought I was a potential candidate.
Many of my friends thought so too.

But it was at this retreat that I realized I was on the wrong track. Religious life was not for me.
I was terribly disappointed with God.
But I yielded, and went so far as to tell God,
"If You want me to get married, You will have to find someone for me, and soon, please, as I'm getting on in years."

2 months later, this Chinese man comes into my life.
I told God,
You must be joking.
But God did nothing, probably smiling and saying "you wait and see".

This was not going to be easy.
Having difficulty bringing up the matter with my family, I went to my 2nd home, my parish.

One priest said,
All marriages are mixed marriages.
No two families are the same.
You have to work at your marriage, every couple.

Fr Soter said,
He looks like a rock.

The priest who had baptized me, took the trouble to do some character investigation....imagine that...and concluded he was a fine man.

I thus took the bold step to enter into this relationship.

When it was time for marriage, we had to get married in Penang in Felix's parish.
To our utter surprise, Fr Soter appeared. He was the celebrant! It made our day.
This sensitive man of God, Fr Soter, knowing what we were going through, came to be with us, celebrate our union, and give us his joyful support.

It didn't end there. Father continued to journey with us. Our eldest son was born prematurely and fell critically ill.
Fr Soter, who was at the time in the Philippines, said, "Don't worry. As long as there's life, there's hope.
I'm now going to the Clare Sisters . They will pray for your baby."
Prayers went up for our son from all over, as he hovered between life and death for 2 months in the incubator.
Finally he was discharged, with a lot of guidelines on how to care for him for 6months.

The discharge was sudden, and we had no baby sitter.
Fr Soter, now back from the Philippines, said
"Don't worry. We pray tonight and sleep. Tomorrow we look for a baby sitter. God will provide."
Next day, Father went around with our sacristan, and came with this young girl who was truly heaven sent.

Fr Soter left Taiping, but never forgot us and we kept in touch.

In 1995, he was already Archbishop. He came and was the main celebrant at our Silver Jubilee celebration.
By this time, Felix had blended so well into the family, who saw he was truly a rock for me and the children, the Jubilee Mass was more like our wedding Mass.

As time went by, I fell ill. At one point, so ill, that Archbishop came to visit, speaking words of encouragement and praying for both of us.
His parting words to me,
"Write the story of your life".
When I told him I had already done so as my 70th birthday gift for our 3 sons, he asked for a copy.

Then, Archbishop himself fell ill. But that didn't stop him reaching out, dropping by whenever he had opportunity to be in Taiping.
When he could no longer travel, he sent messages through Sister Fatima, even sending devotional materials.

Such a man, so kind, so thoughtful, so sensitive, so caring.

Together with our family, and the so many you have reached out to, who mourn your loss, I say, as did the repentant thief,
"Fr Soter,
Remember us before the throne of God.
You have earned your rest, you who laboured tirelessly in our Father's vineyard"

In loving memory of our beloved
Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez

Felix and Marie Quah
Taiping Catholic Church
From the family of Stephen & Crystal de Souza, we thank you and we love you. Rest in Peace of Our Lord. We will missed you dearly ❤️
May his humble soul Rest In Peace! This big-hearted man was truly a blessing to many borne by testimonies from those touched by him. I am so greatly awed by this same man who touched my mum, wife Melina Fair and me when we visited him earlier this year. He knew my late father really well as they were both seminarians in the 50’s, studied in Ponggol Seminary in Singapore. My late dad left eventually to become a teacher.
Lydia Gomez
1994, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sometime in 1994, when His Eminence - then Archbishop - had come to CIC Port Dickson to celebrate confirmation mass, my family volunteered to drive him back to KL. The trip took more than a couple of hours - it rained heavily. He was seated in the front, talking mostly to my father who was driving. When we reached, he invited us into his house. I recall clearly how warm and gentle he was with my older brother and I. We were rather reserved at first, but His Eminence’s humility put us at complete ease as we spoke to him. I remember him chatting with us as he offered us some freshly cut fruits. Before we left, he gave each of us a special rosary.

Looking back now - and seeing other wonderful stories pouring in - I realise that his unassuming and accessible nature gave many of us room to know him through different lenses. For me, the lens was that of a 12-year-old’s. It’s a memory that has stayed with me ever since. Thank you for your leadership, Cardinal Soter. May perpetual light shine upon your exemplary, kind soul.
Taken during 60th jubilee wil…
2019, Cheras Convent
Taken during 60th jubilee will on of Sr Anne Marie Lopez in Cheras 2019. A very dear friend of Sr Anne Marie Lopez.
Cardinal Soter and my mum Mar…
2019, Cheras Convent
Cardinal Soter and my mum Margaret Andrew , having a chat. Photo taken during Sr Anne Marie Lopez 60th Jubilee in Cheras
1979, Holy Spirit Church Penang
Meeting His Eminence for the …
Meeting His Eminence for the first time. A joyful and kind soul. May his life's journey and teaching inspire many.
Thank you dear Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez for being the Lord’s shepherd and guiding hands to all Catholics, religious, Clergy and everyone whose heart you have touched. You have certainly left behind a great legacy and a sterling example of a great steward in the Lord’s vineyard – walking justly, responsibly and humbly at His service. Thank you for being the then Archbishop who confirmed me some 35 years ago .. memories of your simple unassuming and ‘calling people by their first names’ remind me of the Lord’s own affirmation – I know my sheep and my sheep knows me!! [John 10:14] Rest in Peace and in the Eternal Glory of the Lord dear Cardinal Fernandez. [Jean LSK Teh]
Such a good man with no airs. Truly God's gift to us. May his eminence rest in peace. Prayers that he is in a betterplace now
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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We hosted my late father in l…
2015, Little Sisters of the Poor Cheras
We hosted my late father in law's death anniversary of 10 years. We served lunch for all the residing priests, residents, sisters at the little sisters of the poor. We encountered his eminence, Soter Fernandez, so joyful to see us and welcomed us. Our family served him and the other residents and the nuns lunch and he was touched and through his face expression, he valued family as the main importance. I remember very clearly like it was yesterday that when he came a few times to the Church of the Good Shepherd, and I was in hospitality to receive him, he will always call me 'thambi' and a contagious smile. You will be deeply missed. May his soul rest in peace.
His Eminence with Alesya and …
2020, Malaysia
His Eminence with Alesya and me at Sandy place ,
Christan Federation of Malays…
2016, Rumah Uskup, St John's Cathedral, KL
Christan Federation of Malaysia Annual Christmas High Tea. Myself Ivy Tan with St Jude's BEC OUG fellow member Jenny Foo, Cardinal Soter, former St John's primary school headmaster Brother Julian Augustine & CFM executive secretary Elder Tan Kong Beng. 2016 was the year Pope Francis elevated AB Emeritus Soter to Cardinal
Lyn Kam
1977, 1977-1979 College General, Penang
I worked in College General in the late 1970s when His Eminence was the Rector and upon his ordination as a Bishop, part-time at No. 1 Bell Road, Penang. I was also requested to tutor his workers' poor, young children. My parents and I were also invited to share meals at his home . Cardinal was a great distinguished, gentle man of God & a wonderful gift to all who met him. He had so much passion in his work, shared so much kindness, humility & love coupled with a great memory of everyone and dates. He gave me the best gift on one of my birthdays (he was away from College General & did not see me on that day) with a surprise visit/ presence at my house, seated comfortably chatting with my parents when I came home from work. I also have cherished gifts of key chains, first-day covers from him. He touched our lives and he will forever stay in our hearts, such memories has become a treasure. My sincere condolences to his family, relatives, friends, all Priests and Catholics. May his soul RIP.

Lyn Kam
1977-1979 College General, Penang
Our deepest condolences to the family. Cardinal has been a close family friend since his time in Sungai Petani. He and my father, the late Francis Fernandez (Parit Buntar), have known each other for a long time. Our family will always remember and cherish the moments we have shared. May his soul rest in peace.
Cardinal Soter Fernandez, you were a true embodiment of what it is to follow God’s will. You were a true testament of God’s love – a person of SUBSTANCE, CHARACTER, JOY, SIMPLICITY, HOPE, GENTLENESS, PEACE and above all, LOVE. You were a reflection of what it means to live in the moment, to just BE in the here and now. You radiated your love and encouragement through those whom you inspired, whether near or far, just by your gentle, caring, loving words . The Spirit moved and worked in you and through you. Thank you Cardinal Soter for having touched our lives so beautifully with yours. Rest in Peace. You are now in God’s Heavenly, Warm, Loving Embrace. Do continue to pray for us all, Cardinal Soter Fernandez. We will miss you so dearly.
Cardinal having a chat with A…
2017, Antony and Mercy's residence in Rawang
Cardinal having a chat with Antony and Mercy's family.

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