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In memory of His Eminence Anthony Soter Cardinal Fernandez

Memories & condolences

Home-made Malayalee food that…
Antony Francis Fernandez2017, Antony and Mercy's residence. Home-made Malayalee food that cardinal requested.
Cardinal relishing his green …
Antony Francis Fernandez2017, Antony and Mercy's residence Cardinal relishing his green peas paiyasam with Fr GT and family.
Catching up with Cardinal.
Antony Francis Fernandez2019, Church of Sacred Heart, Kuala Lumpur Catching up with Cardinal.
James Chen
Shared a heart Red heart
Lucille Dass Remembering Cardinal Soter – personally speaking…
During Herald’s 25th anniversary dinner celebration on September 8th last year (2019), held at the St John’s Cathedral Community Hall after Mass, I was seated at a table a little away from him. When he caught my eye, he signalled me to go over to him. I did, and gave him my usual hug. Then he caught my hands in both of his and told me that he enjoyed reading all my articles: in the CANews, Herald, and even in the Star-Education pages! He also enjoyed the poems and the inspirational quotes (I’d earlier presented him a compilation copy of my quotes, at the College General event to celebrate his elevation as Malaysia’s first cardinal). I was pleasantly surprised at this. He then encouraged me, “Never stop writing.”
Earlier in June, My husband and I greeted him briefly at our Cathedral, when we celebrated the golden jubilee of our Church of the Holy Spirit, Penang. He made it a point to tell me that he had read my latest article in CANews (May issue) and liked it. I’m truly grateful to have had a fan in him!
Sam, our media ministry co-ordinator happened to take a snapshot of us engaged in this brief interlude – it has now become a much treasured keepsake!
Looking further back, I actually first met our cardinal in the 80s – when together with my husband, we helped in the BM translation of the Mass for him. He was determined to use BM when he celebrated Mass for the students. He reasoned that they were more proficient in BM, in addition to the fact that BM is our national language. He was convinced that Mass in BM made the celebration more accessible and meaningful to them.
Again, as a member of the Malaysian Catechetical Commission, I had the opportunity to learn and grow from his fatherly persona as we worked through the Catechetical Series with him as advisor. Gentle, yet he was resolute, and could be a taxing taskmaster because of his passion for God’s Word and work!
He did indeed live up to his name: SOTER – a deliverer/saviour – in more ways than one.
I am inspired to compose this simple verse in his name… it tells of how I personally saw him (See slide). May he rest forever in the loving embrace of Our Lord. Amen.

~ Lucille Dass
Cathedral of the
Holy Spirit, Penang.
30 Oct 2020
James Chen 2020, Kuala Lumpur: In his retirement at St Francis Xavier Home for the Elderly, he eschewed any tile. He just settled for Father Soter!
A simple priest is all he wanted to be!
He asked me to bless him!
It should have been the other way round!
Whenever I visited him, he would always bring me together with whoever with me and with him to a meal at a chinese restaurant nearby or a mamak hawker under some trees. He always insisted on paying the bill.
Such is his hospitality!
Lucille Dass
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Valerie Lee
Priscilla William A very humble person.
Love your baby smile and your love for us.
We miss you very much, Soter.

Deepest Condolence Mr.Mrs William Rajan Family from St'Michale Chapel Batu Arang.
Pam Nair
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Pam Nair
Thank you for the beautiful m…
Lissa Danker2017, Singapore Thank you for the beautiful memories!
Chrishanne Sebastiampillai My heartfelt condolences to the family of his Eminence Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez & to the Catholic community in Malaysia.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen. 🙏
(Chrishanne Sebastiampillai - Petaling Jaya, Selangor).
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Chrishanne Sebastiampillai
May you rest in peace.... Car…
Anthony Pappu2018, St Anne's CHurch Port Klang May you rest in peace.... Cardinal Soter... May you be blessed always. With love from Anthony Pappu and family (Picture : Anthony Pappu and Cecilia Pappu with Cardinal Soter and Fr Eugene)
June Tan Rest In Peace Cardinal..
Catharina God bless you for all your kindess and love. Continue to pray for us your children here on earth . Watch over us from above with your blessings. Rest in peace now dearest faithful friend of our Lord Jesus Christ and obedient child of our God most High.
Peter Pereira n Family
Francis Lazarus Dearest Cardinal,
May your final years in the life of Christ be a happy one as the day of your ordination in 1966.
May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

Francis Xavier Lazarus
Bandar Botanic Klang
Eternal rest grant unto soul …
Aloysius Simon2018, Skudai Catholic Center, Jalan Kebudayaan 1, Taman Universiti, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia Eternal rest grant unto soul of your servent, our dear Cardinal Soter, O lord May the perpetual light shine upon him and May his soul and the souls of all departed faithfuls rest in Peace... Amen
Valerie Lee Cardinal Soter
You will be missed by all. However, we have fond memories of your support of FIRE.

May you rest in peace.
Valerie Lee & Family
Lek-Lim Chan A loss of a very simple but great man, always with the people at heart. It was a previlege to have worked with him in SERFAC. He lived life to the fullest. Had it not been for the Covid-19, I would have flown to KL from Kuching for the funeral. Farewell, Cardinal Soter.
Sim Kooi Moh RIP Cardinal Anthony Soter Fernandez.
Maurice & Sandy
KarenValerie Netto MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. It all began in 1986, when Cardinal ANTHONY SOTER FERNANDEZ was bishop. He celebrated my Confirmation mass along with the rest of my friends, which was said to be the biggest group of over 70 confirmants in 1986 . I was just 15+ then. After that, Bishop Soter insisted I taught Catechism at 17+. At first, I resisted as I felt, I was too young and not ready but he said, I can do it. He had so much of faith in me . So ,I gracefully obeyed him . Then he encouraged me to do something for World Peace Year in 1986. I participated in an art competition up to his satisfaction and he presented me with a certificate for my artwork. Later in the years, when my aged dad was placed in a nursing home , he took the initiative just a few years ago to visit my dad at Berniece's Catholic nursing home in jalan Ipoh. When Rev.Fr. Edward Soosay passed away, Cardinal Soter bumped into me at Saint Joseph's church and asked me " Where is your dad?". I showed him to my dad from afar. Being wheelchair bound my dad was happy to hear that cardinal SOTER had asked about him. Cardinal insisted to sit beside my dad in church to exchange a long conversation. After the funeral mass was over, in our seperate ways we headed to the Kajang Catholic cemetery. Half way to the grave Cardinal Soter suddenly grabbed my hand. He wanted to pay his last respect. So I carefully led him down the muddy path . 6 months later ,I visited the LSP but couldn't meet cardinal SOTER. It was bad timing and so I sent him a tee shirt of the scenery of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, later by post. After he received the tee shirt ,he called me up from his private number and thanked me many times for it . He was happy to have his full name on the tee shirt claiming nobody had given him a tee shirt with his name on it. This touched me too. Thank you Cardinal Soter for all the good deeds you have done for my dad and myself during our spiritual journey. Thank you for being the caring, loving,humble person that you were on earth. I will offer masses in the repose of your soul that you may rest in peace. When you reach heaven please pray for us. Thank you very much. Valerie K. Netto
Stan Lee Saddened to hear of the loss of His Eminence Anthony Soter Cardinal Fernandez, deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family and dear ones of the departed. May the peace of the Lord be with the family and dear ones, especially at this time of bereavement.
From : Stanley Sattianathan, Penang.

Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 🙏🏽
A blessed afternoon !
Hema Jayasuria2019 A blessed afternoon !
Fr Jude Miranda To sum up everything about this great man...Cardinal Soter was a man of the heart. A heart that cares, understands, loves everyone. A heart that gave many of us hope, peace and love. He had built many bridges, brought down walls in the lives of people, making us a united community in Christ.
Christina Thank you for being our Shepard here on Earth. God bless you for all your kindess and love. God has you now right by his side. Keep smiling and watch over us from above with your blessings. Rest in peace and love.
Soter ( that was how our fami…
Joseph Paul Soter ( that was how our family knew him, and how he said he wanted to be known) will be best known for his humility, unpretentiousness and pastoral care for the people. He was a man of God but truly connected with and cared for the people in earth.
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Joseph Paul

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