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Kathy Joned — "
Ellen, Andrea and older brother Bob holds Stephen
Andrea Jones1975, San Diego, CA, USA: "
Big brother Bob Hall holds his little sister Ellen
Andrea Jones1943, Bakersfield, CA, USA: "
Family photo at Littleton Bible Chapel
Andrea Jones1985, Littleton Bible Chapel, South Datura Street, Littleton, CO, USA: "
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Melody Benschoter
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Kathy & Andy Howell
Dave, Ellen, Andrea and Stephen
Andrea Jones1977, Los Angeles, CA, USA: "
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Gayle Wright
Magee and Chloe- oldest grandaughter
Bethan Salle — "
Vicki Kelley — "
Moggy enjoying the “Rocky Mountain High”
Jeremy JonesRocky Mountains: "
Ellen “Moggy” loved camping
Jeremy JonesRocky Mountains: "
A bride and her groom
Andrea Jones2015, Denver City & County Building, Bannock Street, Denver, CO, USA: "
Christmas Family Photo
Andrea Jones2011, Littleton, CO, USA: "
The siblings together at Hall Family Reunion.
Andrea Jones2011, Raleigh, NC, USA: "
Ellen and Dave volunteering at Camp Elim together.
Andrea Jones2008, Camp Elim, Painted Rocks Road, Woodland Park, CO, USA: "
Ellen volunteering to read to young children at Summer Camp.
Andrea Jones2007, Dallas, TX, USA: "

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