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In memory of Matriarch Eddiesteen Burno

Memories & condolences

Juanita Brigman What a giant! I will miss your grace, beauty, kindness and courage. My love and prayed to the family.
Alecia Fields

You never know the impact of a person’s life and their meaningful acts of kindness until you take a moment to reflect. Over the years of seeing St. Eddiesteen at various church services, state meetings, and convocations she has always shown forth kindness towards me.

I remember attending my first Youth Council in my early twenties without my family. She spotted me and came up to greet me and to let me know if I needed anything, she was there. She was a mother figure who would look out for you.

I also remember during my college years, when I was a student at Temple. Once again she was there to make the connection for me and to let me know one of granddaughters was a TA there and I could connect with her. Another time when I felt she was looking out.

I am thankful for her kindness towards me and her being a mother figure in the church to look out for the young women.

To the Burno Family, we’re praying for you.

Halima Ahmad Philadelphia, PA, USA: Mom Burno taught me how to handle everything with grace & how to fight spiritually! I love her immensely and I miss her even more….
Halima Ahmad Praying for the Burno family to be comforted and strengthen during this time of loss.
Crystal Winchester Funchess My love for mother Burno and family 
Evangelist Kocoa Smith Lady Burno was a gem to the body of Christ. She was an example of authority, love and elegance. My condolences to the family.
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Crystal Winchester Funchess
Sheila Harris Yah has put me and Lady E Burno together. She loved me and my children and supported us in all our endeavors. She always said she was inspired by me raising six children by myself until Yah blessed me with a mate, But she was truly my inspiration. I loved her with all my heart. She will truly be missed. Some pictures I have with her were when she supported my daughter Deborah when she graduated with her Masters Degree in Legal Studies in 2017. The other picture is of her being present for my 50th Surprise Bday Party in 2018. I will miss our talks, our texts, and especially our many times together traveling in the car going to and from services and stores and the times we had services at her house and at the Temple and the different gatherings we were together and so on. It's been hard for me to deal with, and I know what the family is going through. It is a great loss in our lives, but I believe that if we keep her life's living alive that we will make it; you the family will make it. May Yah be with you and give you the strength to hold on and carry on her legacy. I encourage the family to be strong and of good courage. I love you all. Love Sheila and Wayne Harris and family. 
My 50th Birthday Party
Sheila Harris2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA My 50th Birthday Party
Aunt Steenie at Deborah Daile…
Sheila Harris2017, Philadelphia, PA, USA Aunt Steenie at Deborah Dailey's Masters Degree Graduation — with Sheila Jeanty
After her appreciation day
DEVAUGHN FrazierTemple Shalom, West Champlost Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA After her appreciation day
Our Last Long Conversation
Toshira MaldonadoTemple Bethel Brooklyn, NY Our Last Long Conversation
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Toshira Maldonado
Desiree Morrison-Alexander

My Tribute honoring the Life and Legacy of Lady Eddiesteen Burno

Title: "She was clothed in Dignity"

Lady Eddiesteen Burno was clothed in Dignity and her heels were her strength.

Lady Burno was a classy sassy lady that dared to be different from everyone else.

Lady Burno, the Dignified mother of six, a mentor to so many more.

Lady Burno loved to travel, she was a road runner, nothing could slow her down.

Lady Burno was the Dignified wife to Bishop James Burno for most of her life.

Lady Burno had poise and could speak so eloquently displaying Dignity in every word she'd say.

Lady Burno a Dignified Pianist her sound was unique.

Lady Burno had a special love for people and a very caring heart. Her life of Dignity attracted everyone to her.

Lady Burno was a virtuous women, her price is far above rubies. She was not ruled by her passions, she passionately pursued an incomparable God.

Lady Burno choose to keep her heart will all vigilance, realizing that from it flows the issues of her life.

Lady Burno was strong, brave, courageous, audacious, daring, gallant, gusty, resolute, tenacious, tough, & valiant. She was clothed in Dignity, Honor and Grace.

Rest well our Dignified Nubian Queen!

Randall Mcafee I am prayer for the family of Lady Burno.
Valerie Walker

I am loss for words at this particular time but your Mother meant the world to so many people. She had a special place in my heart. Several weeks ago, she was on my heart so we decided to swing by Temple Shalom to check on her. Service was over and she was upstairs and we had such an amazing time simply talking. She was one of my greatest supporters and I will miss our long sweet talks and laughs. I know this is not an easy time of life, Lady Burno lived a FULL life and made IMPACT. I am proud to be one of them that she has helped, encouraged, mentored, motivated encouraged and supported along the way. We are extending our deepest condolences.

Pastor Valerie Walker

Chosen Vessels Restoration Center 

Dorothy A. Dickens

Precious memories how they linger. We will share the story in that great getting up morning.

Love to her family.

Lady Dorothy A. Dickens, Pastor

David's Challenge House Of God

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