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    Please consider a donation to Chris Welter Memorial Fund.
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Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to Chris Welter Memorial Fund.

Personal note from Jaime & Ollie

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your love and support. We miss Chris so much everyday. Time feels like it has stopped still until I look at Ollie and realize he is 18 months old now. I see so much of Chris in Ollie. He is my sunshine, just like Chris, and keeps me going.
It has been comforting reading your stories and comments and seeing photos. Please keep them coming!
With love & gratitude,
Jaime & Ollie


Chris Welter, who loved his wife Jaime and their son Oliver, a good guitar riff, fancy beer, a beautiful sunset and peak foliage was killed in a motor vehicle collision on August 20, 2021. Chris grew up on the Jersey Shore with his younger sister Katy, who he found annoyingly close in age as a child, but later cherished. He attended Northeastern University in Boston and earned a Bachelor's in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He treasured …

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We will not be holding any immediate funeral or ceremony due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. We understand this makes saying goodbye and grieving all the more difficult for everyone. We appreciate your understanding in not putting his family at risk with unnecessary travel. We hope to hold a memorial in a year or so once we reach herd immunity with vaccinations and high-risk individuals such as Ollie and his grandparents are better protected in group gatherings. Thank you.

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January 18th, 1985

Gained a sibling, Katy Welter




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