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Brittany's absence is such a sad loss. My heart aches for Drew, Candice, and their family.
I met Brittany when we were in high school. She was a sweet girl and had such a breezy energy. We had a lot of fun times together, but I was so impressed by her academic scholarship when we were at UF. She was a very bright and beautiful person, and it’s so difficult to hear of her passing. She did not deserve this. I will cherish her memory by making an effort to try to be kind and warm like Brittany. Sending her family and friends lots of love!  
Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to Brittany Avery-Hoisington's Memorial.
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Courtney, Mike and Family,
We are so sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you all today. Please let us know if you need anything.
Mallory & Paul
I didn’t know Brittany well, only met a few times but she was lovely. A lot of my close friends were close with her and I know what a light in their lives she was. ❤️
Our heartfelt sympathy, Candice, Drew, and Courtney in the tragic loss of your beloved Brittany. We were privileged and honored to have met her in Guatemala last year for Michael and Courtney’s wedding. What a beautiful soul and one that we won’t ever forget. Wrapping you all in our love and prayers during this difficult time.
Love and prayers,
Steve and Janet

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