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Bart was always a breath of fresh air; he was also fearless as a lawyer (a profession in which he shined); my sons name is Bart and he always brought up the fact I was so impressed with him I named my only son in his name (probably some truth to that) ; great lawyer and even a greater man..I miss his humor and decency
Carla and family,
I am sure on today Barts birthday you are saddened by your loss. Each special day is hard as you would have shared it with him.
Praying for peace.
Cousin Margaret King Rechtien
To all the fans and friends and family of Maury Wills we just want to say how much we loved him and how sorry we are he passed away. Our best thoughts are with you all!

David and Peter Barrett
Sons of Seggy
Helping hands

In lieu of flowers

Please consider a donation to install a MIZZOU Legacy Tree.
total raised
Carla, my thoughts are with you and your family. Bart was a true Gentleman in every since of the word . He will be missed !

I am honored to contribute toward a tree in his honor on the MU Quad....MIZ-ZOU!

Pete Clark
Rest In Peace Brother Bart. You loved Sigma Chi and Mizzou. All Honor to HIS Name.

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