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In memory of Mrs. Aristea "Aries" Mikkelsen-Gonzalez

Memories & condolences

Heather Gutierrez Elmo, big bird, the word yo, short people , old naked men on the highway, bahhaaahhhHAaa!!! That laugh in a text 😰Metallica the unforgiven! Korn! Coloring books almost everyone deom the 90s..
In response to "What always reminds you of Aries?"
Heather Gutierrez Aristea was definitely a one of a kind! We have so many memories together, and there were so many good attributes about her.
but my absolute favorite was that she was my friend!

with her being about a foot shorter than me we definitely were the odd

People assumed i was as the mean crazy tough one, but it was realy her little Fiesta ass!🤣😭
In response to "What made Aries different from most people you know?"
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McKinley Turner

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