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I'm beyond broken, my soulmate died by suicide over 3 months ago, and beyond the grief and PTSD of trying to cut him down and give him CPR (I'll spare the rest) I can't make the guilt go away, the blame. I should have saw his distress, I failed him I... I don't... I still can't breath

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Hey, am so sorry. also this is late so am sorry for that too. I'am not going to say that I know how your feeling because truly I don't. I do know how hard it can be too loss someone to suicide that was so close to you. I lost my boyfriend just a couple of days ago and it hurts like hell, and I can't even see the light at the end at all. It's going to be hard, that much I know. By the sound of it, you blame yourself. That happens, am still blaming myself for failing my boyfriend. But, I think that he would have not wanted yourself to blame yourself for the choice that he made. I bet that he loved you so much, and was glad to have has last bit of his life with you, am sure of that. So even though its been a long time since this happened, don't give up and keep going. Am here always, if you want to talk.

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