I lost my nephew by suicide, June 10, 2018. I used to blame myself for the loss of my him, wondering how I didn't see the signs. I went to his Facebook page and searched his post and for any sign that I may have missed.
His death consumed me for a year, mentally, physically and emotionally. I always asked and still ask WHY?? But I know I will never know that answer, only him and God know that. I still have breakdowns over it. I know I will never get over it, I can only get thru it, day by day. He had a great life, a fantastic wielding job, was just promoted at work. He was such a good person, he would give his shirt off his back to help and was always the life of a party. He had so many friends and family members. I just wish he would have reached out..if only I had known something was wrong, I would have helped him with everything I had in me.