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Hi, I am hurting so much right now. On August 28 the @ 3:30 pm. My amazing husband passed away so suddenly. And u expectingly. . I am at a loss for words right now. I am angry he left me alone when he promised he never would. I am sad because I will never be able to see him again.. I spend my days trying to figure out how to live my life with out him here. I never in a thousand years thought I would have to live on this earth with out my husband by my side. I have so many questions and so many in said words. If I only knew the day you passed away that that day was going to be the last time I saw you, heard your voice, looked in your eyes I would of said I love you a thousand times. I would of said how much I need you even now and how much I miss you. I am never going to be ok
And I will never be able to accept the fact your not here
.. I don't know what to do with myself. I watched my whole world come crashing down around me and I couldn't do anything to stop it.... I miss you so much and can't wait till the day I can see you again...

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Sorry August 19th made a year mines been gone but it feels like yesterday

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