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What do I do now. Now im stuck single mother with no income and im suppose to be able to play for a funeral . this is all so over whelming I can't even think straight .my sons keep pushing me to have one cause he needs closure but I have no money or me and to do it . I feel like such a failure to them

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First of all apply for a bereavement grant from the government. If your husband seved or you have anyone in the family who have or are serving in hM services get in touch with SSAFA. Get in touch with Cruise Counselling for advice on how to cope. It's a start but will help.

I know your situation, after my heart attack my wife brought in our only income and we had very little savings. when she passed I had to deal with the hospital who wanted her "Remains" picked up, and the mortuary who wanted payment up front to go get them. After researching on line I found and set up a memorial site, I almost didn't setup the donations option but I had so many people asking how they could help, I went ahead and did it. one week later I had enough to arrange cremation. Also the church we attended volunteered to do the memorial service at no cost. Help is out there, and prayer helps.

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