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today makes 90 days my husband has been gone, my mind still can't grasp the thought he is gone. I cry everyday and every night. My whole being craves him and my soul keeps searching for him. Im completely lost. I have no coping skills for this. I don't wanna live this life without him. I don't understand how you can have everything and anything you need, just to have it yanked away from you. My heart doesn't understand why this is. I feel so alone. He is my everything my world. I am beyond devastated.

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I am so sorry for your loss, my wife of 47 years has only been gone two weeks and I feel like there is a giant hole in my heart, that i have been trying to fill with alcohol. She was just the happiest outgoing person in world, nobody didn't like my Debbi. the hospice she was in supplies 8 one hour grieving session by phone or zoom,I have only had one so far and I really don't know if its going to alleviate any of the pain but its worth a shot. She was cremated and we still don't have her ashes back, my kids and neighbors are planning a memorial service on November 10th. I don't know how i am going to survive it......everything you said in your post is how I feel :(

Rebecca, I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband of 33 years passed April 6, 2020 from covid-19. Last week was 6 months that’s he’s been gone. I understand everything your going through. Even though I’m still grieving and missing him everyday, the pain is lessening. My faith in God and His son Jesus is what keeps me going. Knowing that God still has a plan for my life gets me out of bed everyday. Also, my children need me. I have been getting grief counseling on zoom early on and it has really helped me. And I have great support from family, friends and a wonderful church family. I will keep you in my prayers Rebecca.

Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, bit you are not alone.. I am going through the same pain and emotions as you are, my husband of 10 1/2 years passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on August 28,2020. At the age of 54

Like you he was my world, my everything my reason for being alive. I know how it feels to have everything you have ever wanted and needed I'm life and feel so much love, acceptance, appreciation only to have those things ripped from you in a blink of a eye.. it's funny how life has a way of changing so drastically with out letting us know a reason. What helps me get through everyday is knowing that my husband is looking down on me and I try every day to make him proud of me. Your soulmate is doing the same for you.
I doubt he would want you to cry and be so sad over him. I bet he would want you happy, and full of life... Just remember you will always have your husband's heart and love and he will have yours. God wouldn't give you something in life you can't handle.
Try and find a positive reason why you are still here on earth, maybe you are here to learn something or teach others something that only you can teach them..I am in the same spot you are I am still trying to findy purpose here on will come to you eventually and the. you will understand why god kept you here while your soumate was taken home to heaven.
One day when it's your time he will be there with arms wide open waiting for you to come to heaven with him. I know how much your heart aches for him , like mine dose for my husband..I still cravey husband's touch, I miss the sound of his voice , i miss the way he used to hold me and tell me how everything will be ok as long as we had each other. I know it's hard and i wish I could tell you it gets easier but in reality you will greve for him for the rest of your life, you . probably miss him for that long too.. I wish there was some magical words that could take away all the heartache and pain you feel. You are in my prayers and thoughts as you go through this difficult time in your life..
Keep your head up and walk through the remainder of your life proud of yourself a d what you have become. Always remember you have a guardian angel now who watches over you..and him and yourself proud.
Taylor Mixson

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