I lost my sweetie after 31 years she first battled colorectal cancer and beat that three months later she got whammied with pancreatic cancer in December should have 3 to 5 weeks she beat all the odds she left me at 5:42 p.m. on Easter Sunday. She was only 57 years old I'm 68 but still feel like I was robbed out of 25 years she still here I still talk to her I still expect her to be here when I walk into a room.
Her and I both prayed more in the last 5 months in at least I did the last 30 years I asked God to lay his hand on her and heal her 🙏how do you go fix her and my broken heart at the same time but for some strange reason you let her suffer for 5 months took her from me left a train wreck here on Earth. Well if he ever does answer me it's not going to be a polite conversation.
It's bad enough I'm grieving but won't be pissed off at the same time.