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I learned of this site when I made a memorial page for my husband. He died two weeks ago on his 69th birthday on Sept 11th. He died suddenly and I'm still trying to deal with the shock of it all.

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I totally understand hownyou feel. I lost my husband suddenly on August 28th 2020, one minute we were talking and joking around the next he was gone and I couldn't do a thing to save him... I know how much your heart aches and how much I miss him... I still have my bad days and I wish I could say everythi f gets better but I won't lie it's a struggle for menevery day sense he left... I hope you have some sort of support from family and or friends because going thru grief life this alone is something I would never wish on anyone ... I miss my husband every day but I do talk to him every day too I just hope he can hear me and I am making him proud.... Please feel free to message me if you ever need someone to listen who has been through what your going through now...
Just know he is now your angel in heaven and he will be watching over you no matter what ... He is happy safe and not in any pain... please if you need anything don't hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else ..

Hi, Taylor, thank you for responding. It's still hard to believe that he is gone. His ashes now rest on my mantel. We lost our daughter 21 years ago and now I've outlived them both. It's hard. I haven't cried much yet. I don't think the reality of all yet. My son is here and he is getting me ready to move to the otherside of the state so I am closer to him and his family and other family members. That is going to be an adjustment too. I know how hard it was when my daughter died, but this feels different, somehow.


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