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I lost my husband a little over a year now. My husband passed away in his sleep well i hope he was asleep on Victoria day. I woke up and he was gone his body was there but he was gone. I thought i was coping well enough to get threw and then my grandmother died two weeks later.

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Oh dear lady bless your heart. The thief of life is death and may it enter no longer into your life until you have grieved all your losses. As time passes and heals our wounds our memories are always changing and new places appearing within our souls which need the attention of God. Widows are close to the Heart of God and He will come to see about you. I know from experience! My widowhood has been 18 yrs and I think of my husband often. (I still say my husband although we are free from the contract of the marriage and free to remarry). May your heart be comforted by God's peace and may your mind be at peace by God's love for you and your loved ones for God is not the friend of death - it is His only enemy. You brought joy into the life of your husband and he was blessed to have had you. He knew his choice to leave when he left that it would be easiest on you if you were sleep. Be at peace and think upon the pleasant and happy memories. It is marriage, loss and widowhood which has taught me take life one day at a time.
Shalom Shalom

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