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My oldest sister passed away suddenly last Sunday. I wasnt able to see her very much because she was in an assisted living center, and when covid hit, that made it that much harder. We would talk for hours and hours before she went to the center. She was so loving and caring. It is just so hard to believe that she is gone. I am having a hard time.

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I totally relate to the way you feel surrounding the loss of you older sister. I too lost my older sister back in April. I wish I would have spent more time with her while I could have. I totally regret not spending more time with her as I should have. I feel much sadness and guilt not doing so while she was able and knew I was there. My sister's bout with cancer was that of a very painful and debilitating. She went fast as the cancer spread after coming back from remission after 5 years. I watched her struggle and suffer that last year. She ended up being hospitalized during the COVID outbreak and when patients were not allowed visitors. She was there for about two weeks as the cancer spread quickly and consumed her. She was slipping away more and more each day. I knew that she was not doing well and could not communicate anymore as my sister never missed a day without calling me at least once. The phone called declined until there were no more calls. I knew then my sister would not last long and the agony I felt from not being able to be there to help console her, assure her, hold her hand as she was slipping away and declining faster. She was finally out on hospice while hospitalized and was unable to come home to her family. They finally allowed us to visit as she was now in hospice care. She lasted 3 days and 2:nights before she passed away. I got to see her twice but I will always be grateful that I was there the night before she passed away and able to be there to hold her hand and let her know it was okay to let go. She passed that next morning. You should be so very grateful and happy that you were able to spend those treasurable lasts months, days, minutes with her sharing laughing and talking with one another as you did. I would give anything if I had the chance to do it all over again. I miss my big sis as she was my everything. Not only was she my big sis but she was my mom, my dad, my best friend, my role dog, my teacher, and my counselor along with much much more. I miss you so Jean Ferguson. RIH big SIS

This post if from Roberta, Dannys mom. Sue was my big sister. The Living Center called me last Sunday to identify her body. That was really hard, especially since I know that she died alone. She looked like she just went to sleep, and had a peaceful look on her face. I know that she is with God now, and all her troubles are over. She had a massive heart attack. The nurse said that she was ok and in good spirits all day Sunday. She got her bath about 6:15 pm, and when they checked on her at 7:50 she was gone. Losing her is a big blow since we didnt have a clue that she was about to pass. She did have Covid earlier in the year, but she seemed to have overcome it fine. Now we are trying to find a way to pay for her funeral. I am so sorry for your loss. Im glad that there is a place that we can support each other in this difficult time. God Bless You.

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