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i lost my bother on 08/09/2021. I'm having a hard time with all the emotions. I'm angary. I'm lost sad etc.. and lost. i fill i have no where and no one that under stand. i have to be strong for my mom. iv been around a lot of loss in my life people that was very close but my brother was murder ,and I'm having a really hard time to figure out how to except it

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I lost My younger Sister To COVID 19 she was Sick for almost a month I had so much hope and never prayed Harder and Still God had other plans when my husband was notified late Friday Afternoon Sept 10 2021 he gently told me the news I often heard of people talk of a broken Heart I know now how that feels I remember screaming her name and my legs just gave out I cried so hard and I don’t remember The rest of my family talking and praying over the ph this has hit our Family so Hard My beautiful sister had so much more time to live I will never ever understand this Deadly virus has caused so much Pain and Anguish to so many people I urge Everyone to get vaccinated My Sister wasn’t and she caught the Virus FRM a Neighbor who was infected by it but still asked my sister for a Ride to the Store without warning her this makes me so Angry people don’t take this seriously this hit close to home I will always miss her😔😔😔

I’m So Sorry For Your Loss Veronica Sometimes things Happen That Change Our World Forever especially How Your Brother Was Taken I’m sure There’s not enough words to Make you feel better I find that Prayer helps and Also Forgiveness I Don’t know the circumstances of Your Brothers passing but I do know That whomever was Responsible I hope Is In Jail or Prison tho I know It might help a little I pray Time will heal you and Your Family I lost My Beautiful Sister just a week Ago and Every day I wake there’s that Grim reminder That I will never Hear her Voice Again Once Again my condolences to You and Your Family😔❤️🙏🏼

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