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My brother decided to go adventure into the world and live his life on his own terms. He disappeared for years. Then reappeared then disappeared again. I lived several states away and in 27 years I saw him about 6 times on different occasions. It really hurt to not know where he was until I received THAT phone call...your brother is in ICU ...your brother is stable then YOUR BROTHER IS DEAD! Being the oldest(girl) and losing my mother at age 13 and I am now 58. I saw her face felt the pain as if a boulder fell off a cliff onto my seesaw and I sailed into a abyss. I am still there.

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I'm sorry for your loss. HUGS. I lost my sister last week. We had different lives and weren't as close as we once had been, however I loved her more than anything. I don't know what's harder; Losing a sibling that you see and talk to frequently, or losing one that you had fallen away from. In either case, I understand, and I'm very sorry for your loss.

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