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I lost my younger brother earlier this month it has been very hard and rough. He was my only sibling and now I am all by myself. he was my best friend

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I lost by younger brother in a car accident last week. He was 30, a father of 2 young boys, and was driving to work when he was rear ended. Our world is upside down.

I lost my 16 year old brother to a Encephalitis due to brain absences

I lost my 3rd youngest brother Dec. 5, 2019. I've been close to since he was born. I was 15 when Darrell was born, he was always tagging along with me. He was just 2 years older than my son when I was 18, so everyone assumed they were both mine. But what would you think of an 18 to 20 year old with 2 kids in car seats. I could never say no to Darrell tagging along. I enjoyed having him to play with my son. When my son was in Kindergarten I got a call from Child Protective Services. They were calling because my son had reported to the teacher that his uncle kicked him in the nuts, I just chuckled knowing that it was true. Then said yes I'm aware. They then asked me why I didn't call the police. I then said his uncle is 6 years old. Darrell and all my siblings are more than siblings to me. I was put in a position of almost a parent from the time my mother started having children with my step-dad (whom I consider my father.) Over the years as they have grown I've been reminded by all of them that I'm not their mother. I know this in my head but in my heart, it aches more like a parent to have us not get along and lossing Darrell still hurts way more then lossing our mother to cancer the prior year. Darrell took mom's death really hard. I never get dreams of either of them. I'm jealous of those who have dreams of those they've lost.

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