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I LOST MY BROTHER 4/13/21 he was 29 years old
my brother was like my bestfriend he was such a loving spirit
I don't know how I'm going to do it his viewing is on Monday the 26 and I don't wont to go it hurts so much I'm so sad that we have to see him laying in the coffin with no life. I didn't want him to go it hurts so much . I don't know how we will do it just thinking of that day is so hard also his funeral I'm just so heart broken I just wish it was all a nightmare but I wake up and I know its real

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I don't have any words of comfort besides sharing that I am in the boat right next to you. I lost my brother on 5/9/21, 29 years old, 16 months younger than me. I don't remember life without him. It was a biking accident so I am still in shock feeling like it's a nightmare.

Karla and Julia, I’m so sorry to hear of your guys’ loss. I’ve never experienced loss before until last month when my little brother committed suicide. He was 20 years old and it’s been the worst time of my life. His funeral was last week and I’m still in shock. How do you guys get through the days?

I’m so sorry for both of your loss 😢💔. My family and I are still greving for David’s loss. But just talk about him to your parents, siblings , and cousins or who ever you feel comfortable talking to. Don’t hold your tears if you need to cry please cry. I don’t think we will ever get over it because they were part of our lives always will be. You know I pray to God just to give me one dream of him and if he can just tell me that he is ok but it hasn’t happened. I just ask god for strength I will always remember my brother David 😢

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